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Best Way to Detect Text Written by ChatGPT and Other AI Tools

April 1, 2024
Bhargav Dhameliya
Bhargav Dhameliya
Best Way to Detect Text Written by ChatGPT and Other AI Tools


  1. Quick Summary
  2. How To tell if an article was written with AI
  3. List of AI Detector Tools
  4. Humans Are Still the Best AI Detector
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQs

In an generation of significant adoption of AI generation, discrimination among human-authored content fabric and AI-generated content fabric has become increasingly vital. Notably, the proliferation of AI system able to producing human-like information has heightened the want for reliable detection methods. This article offers a pinnacle stage view of diverse AI facts mining gadget and highlights the significance of integrating human judgment with **AI text detection ** for a hit evaluation.

Quick Summary

This article explores numerous AI text detection like Assignmentgpt, Copyleaks, Originality.AI, and ZeroGPT to differentiate amongst human and AI-generated content material. While those gadget offer insights, they emphasize the significance of human judgment. Vigilance, important evaluation, and transparency are crucial in navigating the evolving panorama of AI-generated content fabric fabric.

How To tell if an article was written with AI

Beyond the realm of Google, academics & other professionals have seen a huge surge in AI-generated content. So, whether or not you have come upon content in an educational, professional, or casual putting, you would possibly need a way to validate if another human wrote positive content material.

AI text detection content requires more than one samples of writing, diverse tools, and still includes an aspect of predictability. Please do no longer rely upon a single method of AI content material detection to assert some thing turned into written with AI. It would be disingenuous to you and the individual whose writing you are accusing.

List of AI Detector Tools

AI detector tools are software applications designed to distinguish between content generated by artificial intelligence (AI) and content created by humans. These tools analyze various aspects of text, images, videos, or audio to identify signatures or patterns indicative of AI generation, helping users discern the origin of the content they are viewing or listening to. The development of such tools has become increasingly important as AI-generated content becomes more sophisticated and widespread, raising concerns about authenticity, misinformation, and copyright issues.

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List of AI Detector Tools

1. Assignmentgpt AI Detector

The Assignmentgpt AI Detector is a tool designed to bypass AI content material detectors with out being detected itself. It complements the humanization of text, ensuring accuracy, clarity, and mistakes-loose content material. This device is capable of comprehending the context and subtleties of the preliminary textual content, choosing suitable vocabulary to beautify the human-like output. It supports more than one languages and facilitates avoid AI-generated text being flagged as junk mail, making it seem more human-written. The AI Detector retains the unique meaning of the text, improves readability through addressing issues like repetition and grammar errors, and provides emotional nuances to make the text less robotic. Additionally, it replaces detectable elements common in AI text detection content, improves content clarity, and guarantees the text retains emotion, making it greater attractive and relatable.

Assignmentgpt AI Detector


Typically, the results provided by this tool include a report on the overlap between the data and existing data. It can highlight specific paragraphs or phrases that match other texts, helping users identify possible sources of plagiarism.

2. Copyleaks AI Detector

Copyleaks is from AI detectors, particular in their exact examination of sentences to affirm the authenticity of the text with precision. In this way, Copyleaks aids users in differentiating between artificial and human-written components at the same time as additionally detecting sections that might were rewritten to cover AI language generator generation the use of the cutting-edge techniques.

Copyleaks AI Detector


The device generates a detailed plagiarism record, often highlighting matched sections of text and presenting hyperlinks to the unique resources. It may additionally provide suggestions for enhancing the originality of the content.

3. Originality

Originality.AI uniquely combines AI detection and plagiarism checking in one cloud-based tool. Using advanced machine gaining knowledge of, it spots text created through main AI like ChatGPT and Bard with excessive accuracy. At the identical time, it scans for unoriginal copied content. This -in-one solution successfully verifies basic authenticity.



Like the preceding gear, it gives a report indicating the level of similarity among the submitted content and existing assets. It can also provide insights into areas wherein the content can be progressed to enhance its originality.

4. Content at Scale AI Detector

Content at Scale is a cloud-based AI text detection device that uses machine learning to discover AI-generated content. It is designed to be utilized by organizations to locate AI-generated content in advertising and marketing substances, customer support interactions and other kinds of corporate communication.

Content at Scale AI Detector


The result from this tool should involve exact analytics at the content, together with identifying styles of duplication across more than one documents or sources. It may additionally provide pointers for handling and improving content material excellent at scale.

5. GPTZero

GPTZero is an open-source AI detector device that can be used to hit upon AI-generated content in text. GPTZero utilizes a multi-step technique that pursuits to produce predictions that reach most accuracy, with the least fake positives. The version focuses on detecting content from Chat GPT, GPT three, GPT 4, Bard and LLaMa models.



Of the AI-written textual content I fed it, GPTZero said: "We are tremendously confident this newsletter become AI-generated" My very own acquired, "We are exceptionally confident this newsletter is entirely human."

6. Write AI Content Detector

Writer makes an AI writing device, so it became naturally willing to create the Writer AI Content Detector. The tool isn't robust, however it's far direct. You paste a URL or up to 1,500 characters into the box on its website and get a large-size percentage detection score proper subsequent to it. The product is loose, and those who've a Writer agency plan can contact the corporation to speak about detection at scale.

Write AI Content Detector


Given about 1,500 characters of the ChatGPT-written piece, Writer AI Content Detector graded it "zero% human-generated content" and recommended, "You should edit your text until there’s much less detectable AI content." For approximately 1,1500 characters of my very own piece, I were given a "100% human-generated" score and a robot-issued "Fantastic!" compliment.

7. ZeroGPT

ZeroGPT is a honest, unfastened device for “students, teachers, educators, writers, employees, freelancers, copywriters, and every body on the earth,” which claims an accuracy price of ninety eight%. There are seasoned ($8.29 a month for a hundred,000 characters and some bonus capabilities) and plus ($21.Ninety nine a month for 100,000 characters and even greater capabilities) money owed as well. It works on a proprietary, undisclosed era the enterprise calls DeepAnalyse, which it says is educated on trained on text collections from the net, educational datasets, and its proprietary synthetic AI datasets produced the usage of numerous language fashions.

Users paste up to 15,000 characters right into a container on the web site and get hold of one of the following results: the text is human-written, AI/GPT-generated, often AI/GPT-generated, maximum in all likelihood AI/GPT-generated, probably AI/GPT-generated, includes blended signals with some components AI/GPT-generated, in all likelihood human-written but may additionally encompass AI/GPT-generated components, most in all likelihood human-written but may additionally include AI/GPT-generated components, and maximum probably human-written.

Zero GPT


ZeroGPT knew what I changed into as much as by means of submitting the AI-written piece. "Your text is AI/GPT Generated," it stated, before giving it a score of a hundred% AI GPT. For my writing, I was relieved to peer this end: "Your textual content is human written," although it gave me a 1.76% AI-written score for 2 sentences that I clearly wrote myself.

Humans Are Still the Best AI Detector

While these AI detectors were certainly in a position to tell AI-written text from text written by way of a human, precautions in opposition to depending completely on their outcomes still follow. I'm a expert writer; those who aren't won't have the same results with their own paintings. I do not suggest to gloat—it's only a few desire for me to grasp to in these times of AI journalists taking jobs from human ones.


The proliferation of AI text detection material affords both opportunities and demanding situations in numerous domain names. While AI detection equipment provide precious assistance in discerning between human and AI-generated textual content, it's critical to technique their consequences with warning and complement them with human judgment. As we preserve to innovate and adapt to technological improvements, the collaboration among human intelligence and AI capabilities stays paramount in maintaining integrity and authenticity in written conversation.


1. How accurate are AI detection equipment in figuring out AI-generated content material?

While AI detection equipment strive for high accuracy quotes, their effectiveness might also vary relying on factors together with the sophistication of the AI fashions being detected and the complexity of the textual content. It's essential to apply a couple of tools and consider their outcomes along human judgment for the most reliable evaluation.

2. Can AI detection equipment differentiate between subtle nuances of human writing and AI text detection ?

Some AI detection gear claim to come across subtle nuances and patterns indicative of AI-generated content material, however their accuracy in capturing the intricacies of human expression remains evolving. Human discernment stays important in distinguishing between the

3.How can people protect in opposition to AI-generated content masquerading as human-written text?

Beyond depending solely on AI detection tools, people can decorate their vigilance through staying informed approximately improvements in AI technology, scrutinizing content for inconsistencies or robotic language, and tasty in important analysis. Additionally, fostering a way of life of transparency regarding AI-generated content can promote accept as true with and integrity in communique channels.

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