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College GPA Calculator

It is important for the students to calculate their GPA. With the help of AssignmentGPT AI’s college GPA calculator and its user-friendly interfaces, the students can track their academic progress & grades. They can easily calculate their GPA with our easy-to-use high school GPA calculator to keep tabs on their academic progress while studying.

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Tip: GPA Calculator College is a tool by AssignmentGPT AI that helps to calculate your course grades and final test scores quickly.

How to use the College GPA Calculator

Are you trying to figure out how to use a college GPA calculator? Then don’t worry we have got you covered. Here you can see a step-by-step guide to determine how the students can use this tool to get a Grade Point Average and figure out their overall academic performance.

Get your accurate GPA results quickly by following these 3 steps:

  1. Add Your Letter Grade
  2. Add Your Class Credits
  3. Calculate your GPA

1. Add Your Letter Grade

With our college GPA calculator, the students can easily input their current letter grades or estimated grades for each class to calculate their GPA.

If you are not sure what your grades will be then you can use the drop-down menu and select the letter grade from A+ to F for each class.

Add Your Letter Grade

2. Add Your Class Credits

In the “Add Your Class Credits” section, the students have to enter both their grades and the credit hours for each class. Suppose that you have received an A and a 5-credit class then just enter 5 next to credits in the input section.

As you continue to input your grades and credits in this calculator your Semester GPA will be calculated and displayed above. The students can even add additional classes by clicking the button "Add another class". There's no limit to the number of classes and students can add as many as they want.

If you want to include your grades from multiple semesters then simply click on the button “Add another semester”. This tool ensures that you can calculate your GPA for all the subjects and grades that you enter.

Add Your Class CreditsAdd Your Class Credits

3. Calculate your GPA

Your overall college GPA for all semesters will be automatically computed and displayed at the bottom of the list. Plus you can also explore the button “Add another semester”.

Your semester GPA and progressive GPA are continuously updated at the bottom of the page as you input letter grades and class weights.

By simply adding multiple semesters the students can easily calculate both combined and per-semester weighted GPAs.

Regularly updating your GPA throughout the year allows the students to track their progress towards their educational purposes.

Add Your Class CreditsAdd Your Class Credits
Calculate Your College GPACalculate Your College GPA
Raise Your GPA

How do I calculate my GPA from my Transcript?

Here you can see some of the easiest steps that you can follow to calculate GPA based on your transcript. You just have to enter your credits in each subject and this GPA calculator tool will give you accurate GPA results.

  1. You just have to enter the grades and credit hours that you received in each subject.
  2. In this example, you can see that it will multiply the GPA point value of each grade by the credit hours for the respective course to get grade points.
  3. Now you have to sum up all grade points for all courses that are listed on your transcript to get the final result.

Here’s an example:

SubjectLetter GradeGrade PointsCredit HoursTotal Points
Computer ScienceB326


What is a GPA Calculator?

A GPA calculator is a useful online tool for students to calculate their Grade Point Average (GPA) by inputting their course grades and credit hours.

Can I use the GPA calculator for high school classes?

Yes, the students can use a GPA calculator for both high school and college classes. To use this calculator, the users simply have to input their grades and credit hours to calculate their GPA.

Why should I use AssignmentGPT AI’s GPA Calculator?

You should use AssignmentGPT AI’s GPA calculator because in this tool you can add multiple semesters to calculate your collective GPA over multiple terms.

How can I use this tool?

To utilize this tool at its full potential, you just have to input your course names, grades, and credit hours into the designated fields and then click on the button "Calculate GPA" to get your GPA.

What GPA scale does this calculator use?

One of the main reasons to use this tool is that it is versatile and this calculator uses the standard 4.0 GPA scale, where A = 4.0, B = 3.0, C = 2.0, D = 1.0, and F = 0.0.

Is the GPA calculator accurate?

Yes, this GPA calculator tool by AssignmentGPT AI is popular because it provides accurate results based on the grades and credit hours inputted by the users.

What if need assistance with the GPA calculator?

If you have questions about this GPA calculator then no need to hesitate at all because you can reach out to the AssignmentGPT AI’s support team for help.