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8 text expanders that'll boost your productivity in 2024

April 10, 2024
Bhargav Dhameliya
Bhargav Dhameliya
8 text expanders that'll boost your productivity in 2024


  1. Quick Summary
  2. What is a text expander?
  3. What can you do with a text expander?
  4. The 8 text expanders you must try in 2024
  5. Try the best text expansion tool
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQs

Everyone likes their job as long as it’s not repetitive.

Whether it’s writing and rewriting the same pitch, sending thousands of outreach emails, or answering the same questions every day.

Repetitive tasks are not just a one-way ticket to boredom, but also a black hole for time, leaving employees rarely productive enough to focus on other ideas that may be concerned by the greatest need that can be met.

Fortunately, tech did find a way to block the common text a while ago. And if your job requires you to perform busy daily tasks and just catch up on the latest that can make your job easier (maybe even more bearable), we’re glad you stumbled upon this article.

You can save up to 30 hours per month by using a text expander. And have no idea what they can do with all the extra hours. Whether it’s being a better employee or drinking more cups of coffee every day, the possibilities are endless.

Quick Summary

By 2024, text extender is needed to automate common tasks and increase productivity. Information is instantly posted to platforms, improving response time, accuracy and personalization. The top eight text extensions include Assignmentgpt AI, OSlash, TextExpander, Text Blaze, Magical, PhraseExpress, Espanso, and TypeIt4Me. These tools offer features such as dynamic input, cross-platform support, and customizable shortcuts to improve performance.

What is a text expander?

Text expanders are automation tools that you can use to instantly type in small pieces of text. These text extensions automatically populate a block of text whether it’s an email, pitch, customer feedback, blog, or code.

With text expander, you can call up content in seconds. You can use it to write words, rules, paragraphs, pictures, rhymes, or anything else you need.

What can you do with a text expander?

You can rely on the electricity of automation to help you cruise via your regular tasks rapidly. Text expanders offer a number of blessings that differ based in your group and function. Here are some benefits that come with the usage of them for your everyday work.

What can you do with a text expander

1. Faster response times

Using templated responses you can insert immediately with textual content expanders, it is less complicated for customer support groups to cope with queries faster. Faster reaction instances and correct replies translate into lower ready times and higher consumer retention.

2. Better quality and accuracy

With textual content expanders and equipped snippets that you may leverage to your gain, your threat of making errors together with inconsistencies in statistics, grammatical errors, and typos reduces substantially.

3. Higher productivity

Text expanders take away the repetitive, guide paintings of mindlessly typing the identical textual content time and again. This can help supercharge your productivity, helping you shop greater than 30 hours a month.

4. Personalization

With variables insertable with the usage of textual content expanders, regularly sent-out texts may be custom designed to encompass personalized data that makes the receiver experience visible, heard, and valued.

5. Access to information

The propensity to use and make contributions to a employer’s expertise base is highest while anyone knows the way to get right of entry to statistics. And while the records you need seems wherein you're typing, you’re much more likely to stay targeted as opposed to going down a few rabbit hole at the net. With textual content expanders, you may additionally leverage the collective expertise of every body in the employer as opposed to running in silos.

6. Consistent messaging.

Lastly, a textual content expander offers a enterprise the possibility to contain the emblem voice and tone into messages, emails, and other communication channels. This makes your messaging regular with the relaxation of the brand.

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The 8 text expanders you must try in 2024

Explore the top 8 text expanders of 2024, revolutionizing typing efficiency. Discover tools like TextExpander, aTimeLogger, and Breevy, streamlining repetitive tasks with customizable shortcuts and macros. Enhance productivity, reduce keystrokes, and optimize workflow with these must-have applications for smoother digital communication and work processes.

The 8 text expanders you must try in 2024

1. Assignmentgpt AI text expander

AssignmentsGPT AI is a powerful AI-powered writing assistant that offers a variety of features and is designed to meet multiple assignments and budgets It is designed to increase student productivity and simplify their work.

Top features

  • Text Expander: This feature allows users to save time and simplify their writing with shortcuts designed for common words.
  • Homework Solver: This feature provides step-by-step solutions to various topics, making homework less stressful and more educational.
  • Writing Assistant: This feature improves writing with real-time grammar checks, style suggestions, and more, perfect for essays, emails, and business documents.

Available for

  • Google Chrome (extension)

2. Oslash

If you are looking for a good text extension that comes with built-in performance tools that can help you fly through the project, OSlash is your choice.

You can use the OSlash text expander to automatically type text using shortcuts wherever you work. OSlash snippets also allow you to customize your message, with the option to include dynamic variables. In addition, it comes with many features for managing a team, including the ability to share snippets with colleagues and a permissions system to control who can edit which snippets

None of the other apps on our list will give you the power of text expansion with a link management solution that also doubles (or triples) as a knowledge management platform for your company.

No wonder it can save 30 hours a month!

Top features

  • Create shortcuts to navigate and share your everyday web pages, apps, documents and URLs, in less than a second
  • Use the rich text editor to create and arrange snippets as desired
  • Insert variables to create more dynamic, personalized messages
  • Create snippets with access control: for yourself, your team, or your entire org
  • Write something on the web and turn it into a snippet
  • Get one-touch access to your shortcuts, tabs and activities

Available for

Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Edge, Brave (extensions), macOS, iOS (coming soon)

3. TextExpander

For now, TextExpander helps save time by allowing you to create and run your snippets across devices.

TextExpander is available for macOS, Windows, iOS, and Chrome. It’s ideal for all large teams or freelancers who are tired of sending the same pitches and follow-ups every day.

Top features

  • Snippets: Shortened versions of common words, email addresses, and code snippets.
  • Text Macros: Dynamic text such as date stamps, cursor positions, and fill-in-the-blank documents.
  • Sync: Works on all macOS, Windows, iOS, and iPadOS.
  • Organization: Groups that are easy to find bits of information.
  • Sharing: A library of collaborative snippets for team meetings.
  • Customization: Format, shortcuts, and cursor settings.

Available for

TextExpander is available for use in macOS, Windows, iOS, and Chrome.

4. Text Blaze

Text Blaze lets you create, save, and paste bits of text and shapes anywhere using optional keyboard shortcuts.

Text Blaze currently works on Chrome/Chromium-based browsers as well as Windows.

Top features

  • Create documents with input fields to insert custom data in snippets
  • Use dynamic formulas to calculate values immediately
  • Simulate clicks or key presses to activate repetitive operations
  • Create snippets shared with colleagues that are automatically updated when changes are made, to keep it consistent
  • An active community meeting to discuss the most productive ways to use Text Blaze and benefit from its features and features.

Available for

  • Chrome/Chromium, Edge (extensions)

5. Magical

Magical is a free spreadsheet that claims to “make jobs disappear. Mayavat.” Alright.

The plug-and-play user experience eliminates integrations and APIs to make it much easier for everyone.

Top features

  • Create documents, messages and documents without switching between tabs and copy-and-paste data
  • Expand shortcuts to complete information in more than 10,000 apps on the web Search for shortcuts with simple tags or type // to activate the dropdown to find shortcuts
  • Create and view your shortcuts anywhere on the web using Magical Panel
  • Get curated shortcut templates and magic packs
  • Create unlimited shortcuts with an unlimited number of characters per shortcut

Available for

  • Google Chrome (extension)

Ready to increase productivity and simplify your workflow?
Say goodbye to repetitive typing, and efficiency is needed. Try our text expander tool.

6. PhraseExpress

PhraseExpress is one of the more expensive options. And for good reason.

It automates your common tasks with powerful macros. Its Macro Recorder “records your actions like a tape recorder for endless playback.”

And it comes with a document generator that can create an entire document from scratch using your custom selection of templates.

Top features

  • Save snippets locally and share them via the cloud across multiple Windows and Mac computers via network shared folders
  • Arrange details in a tree structure instead of flat groups
  • Flexibility to provide the same shortcut for more details and select the best fit from a smart dropdown menu
  • Auto-complete snippets instead of memorizing short mysteries
  • Small details appropriate to the gender of the customer
  • Language support allows you to translate snippets into other languages. The same syntax library can be easily converted to another language.

Available for

  • Windows, macOS, iOS

7. Espano

Espanso is a free open-source text extender tool that provides all the basic functionality you'd expect from your text app.

The tool uses a rule-based approach to create shortcuts that may take some practice time.

Top features

  • Custom forms to add dynamic inputs such as dates Ability to run scripts from snippets
  • “Endless breadth” by package: The package is a collection of bits of information collected by the Espanso community for informal writing including language names, math symbols, scientific notation, emoji, and more
  • Cross-platform support for Mac, Windows, and Linux: You only need one main config file to create the same shortcuts everywhere.

Available for

  • Windows, macOS, Linux

8. Typeit4Me

TypeIt4Me, the first typing extension for the Mac, has been around for more than three decades.

The opposite of this? It works natively on all Mac apps that need to be written.

The downside to it? It only works on Mac and iOS.

P.S. S.S. You need the TypeIt4Me Touch notepad app to use TypeIt4Me on your iPhone and iPad.

Top features

  • Create a snippet from the selected text
  • Fix spelling mistakes immediately by adding common spelling words to your acronyms
  • Autocue placeholders, aka “fill-in fields”, are used to insert variable inputs into snippets
  • Define hot keys for quick access to TypeIt4Me functions
  • Set up snippets and snippet sets on a specific app
  • Ditch the memorization of acronyms and rely on point-and-click insertion of snippets from the menu bar

Available for

  • macOS and iOS

Try the best text expansion tool

There are many different reporting tools that can help increase productivity by automating repetitive tasks. Some popular ones are Assignmentgpt AI text extensions, TextExpander, Text Blaze, AutoHotkey, Raycast, Magical, and Espanso. These tools offer features like cross-platform sync, dynamic templates, custom workflows, and AI-powered text generation.

Text extender is a comprehensive solution that offers user-friendly interface and excellent cross-platform support. It supports customization of a pre-built snippet library. Text Blaze is a powerful tool that acts as a Chrome extension or Windows app, offering dynamic layout and sharing features. AutoHotkey is a versatile tool for Windows users that offers advanced scripting features, making it ideal for users who want to create custom hotkeys, automation scripts and macros.

Raycast is a Mac-only tool that combines text expansion with command bar and integration, facilitating collaboration across multiple apps. Magical is a browser-based solution that acts as a Chrome extension, providing clipboard history and quick actions for increased productivity. Espanso is an open-source text extension application available for Windows, Mac, and Linux that offers high levels of customization for tech-savvy users.

When choosing a reporting tool, it is important to consider factors such as ease of use, cost, library of pre-built snippets, and compatibility across devices The tool some offer free plans with limited features, while others require a one-time order or a fee for improved quality. It is also important to consider the specific needs and requirements of your business plan when choosing broadcast equipment.


In an ever-evolving specialization of tools, information dissemination stands out as an important aid in handling repetitive tasks. As we move into 2024, the need for automation is by no means more apparent, and these 8 textual extensions offer capabilities to consume preferences and choices many of the solutions. From the help of AI to cross-platform synchronization, this gear is finding customers smarter, and easier. By utilizing the power of textual content extensions, you can enhance response images, ensure accuracy, and showcase all of your efforts. Don’t allow mundane tasks to hold you back – incorporate the functionality of text extensions and see how light your workload becomes.


1. Can I use those textual content expanders on multiple gadgets?

Many of the listed textual content expanders offer move-platform aid, allowing you to use them on various gadgets inclusive of computer systems, laptops, and cell devices. Be positive to test the compatibility of every tool with your selected working systems and gadgets.

2. Are there any unfastened options to be had?

Yes, a few text expanders offer loose plans with confined functions, while others may additionally require a one-time buy or subscription for get right of entry to to advanced functionalities. Consider your finances and specific needs while selecting the right alternative for you.

3. How smooth is it to create and control snippets with these gear?

The ease of creating and coping with snippets varies depending at the text expander you choose. Some tools offer intuitive interfaces and user-friendly functions, whilst others may also have a steeper learning curve. Take benefit of tutorials, publications, and help resources furnished by the developers to maximize your efficiency.

4. Can I collaborate with team individuals using those text expanders?

Yes, numerous text expanders at the list offer collaboration functions, permitting you to share snippets with group members and collaborate on projects extra efficaciously. These capabilities often consist of get right of entry to controls, model records, and real-time syncing to streamline teamwork and communication.

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