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Meta announced their new AI video editing tool call Emu Video generates

November 23, 2023
Bhargav Dhameliya
Bhargav Dhameliya
Meta announced their new AI video editing tool call Emu Video generates


  1. Facebook announces new AI
  2. What are Emu videos and their advantages and disadvantages?
  3. Emu Video: text-to-video generating
  4. Emu Edit: image editing with AI
  5. Conclusion

Facebook announces new AI

In this AI era, several companies are announcing their new AI model and their update. Meta recently announced an “Emu video generator”. In 2022 they announced image generation to video generation and they got a good response from the user. In The year 2023 they announced a new model of Emu video generator.

In this model, users can edit their text to video generation based on diffusion models. This model can be given several options* of input like text only, image, and both text and image.

Meta divides two models The first is generating an image on base that the user gives a text prompt. The second one is generating video on both text and image.

What are Emu videos and their advantages and disadvantages?

Emu video is a user can create their video for 4 seconds with a text prompt of a caption and image, description it calls Emu video. To use this format type of video user gets new experience using their social media account.

Users get more active and engage their account and they make easy videos some of the time and save their time to create long format videos. Users can easily edit their videos. They do not need a lot of software to edit their videos.

Emu video concept by those users who want to make a video using their image and based on prompt text.

Emu Video: text-to-video generating

Emu Video generates an image from the inputted text and then creates a video based on both the text and the generated image. This simple approach allows user Emu Video to create videos with remarkable coherence at a resolution of 512x512 pixels and 4-second long videos at 16 frames per second. 

The ability to accurately convert text into visual narratives sets Emu Video apart from most existing text-to-video generation models and commercial solutions.

Emu Edit: image editing with AI

Emu AI model gives the edit option in the image with a high level of multi-task image editing option. You can add text, remove your text in the image as well as change the object color, and add an object to your image. Add background color and remove as well.

This feature is available only in pixel phones but now users get this option AI model. 

This cutting-edge AI technology was introduced by Stable Diffusion, to achieve exceptional precision in image editing. This technique ensures that edits seamlessly blend into the original images, preserving their visual integrity.

Meta says that Our key perception is that incorporating computer imaginative and prescient obligations as commands to picture-era fashions offers unprecedented management in photograph generation and modification. Through a detailed exam of both neighborhood and worldwide modifying obligations, we spotlight the enormous ability of Emu Edit to execute particular edit instructions. Rewrite the above textual content



For Emu video generator meta set of 10 million synthesized samples each sample has their image input and description of the task that they performed and makes it output as well as good. Meta trust it’s the most important dataset of its type to date. As a result, the meta version presents remarkable edit outcomes in terms of each preparation's faithfulness and image satisfaction. Emu Edit demonstrates advanced performance over modern techniques, producing new today's consequences in both qualitative and quantitative reviews for several photograph modifying duties.

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