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ChatGPT vs. Microsoft Copilot vs. Gemini: Which AI chatbot is the best?

March 27, 2024
Bhargav Dhameliya
Bhargav Dhameliya
ChatGPT vs. Microsoft Copilot vs. Gemini: Which AI chatbot is the best?


  1. Quick Summary
  2. What is chatGPT?
  3. What is Microsoft Copilot?
  4. What is Google Gemini?
  5. Testing ChatGPT vs. Microsoft Copilot vs. Gemini
  6. You should use ChatGPT if.....
  7. You should use Microsoft Copilot if.....
  8. You should use Gemini if.....
  9. Which should you use?
  10. Conclusion
  11. FAQs

ChatGPT, Microsoft Copilot, and Google Gemini are all part of a wave of generative AI fashions which have arrived during the last year that can take your text prompts and provide particular outputs. They assist you to generate emails, technique facts, or research on line, and feature large advantages even in accessibility contexts. With all of these systems being similar, it is difficult to pick which one is the exceptional. So, permit's examine the differences between the big three and that's better based on the scenario.

Quick Summary

ChatGPT, Microsoft Copilot, and Google Gemini are best AI chatbot utilizing generative models. ChatGPT excels in versatility and innovative tasks, even as Copilot integrates with Microsoft 365 apps for up to date facts and visual features. Gemini gives pace and a growing Google surroundings integration. Gemini emerges because the pinnacle choice for its rapid, evolving abilities.

What is chatGPT?

ChatGPT is an online chatbot that responds to "prompts" text requests that you kind. ChatGPT has infinite makes use of. You can request relationship recommendation, a summarized history of punk rock or an evidence of the sea's tides. It's particularly accurate at writing software program, and it could additionally take care of a few different technical responsibilities, like growing 3D models.

ChatGPT is known as a generative AI as it generates those responses on its very own. But it can additionally display more brazenly creative output like screenplays, poetry, jokes and student essays. That's one of the capabilities that truly stuck people's interest.

What is Microsoft Copilot?

Microsoft Copilot is an AI assistant incorporated into Microsoft 365 apps. Copilot rolled out in 2023 to update Cortana, Microsoft’s now obsolete digital assistant.

Copilot is powered by means of OpenAI’s GPT-3.Five and GPT-four Large Language Models (LLMs). It embeds GPT’s analytical and conversational prowess into your Microsoft Graph statistics, along with your calendar, electronic mail, files, and spreadsheets. This makes Copilot a appropriate choice in case you collaborate with groups that use Microsoft apps consisting of Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

What is Google Gemini?

Gemini is Google’s generative best chatbot, which replaced Google’s Bard in 2024. This AI is powered by way of the Gemini LLM, which Google calls its “nice own family of massive language fashions.”

Much like Copilot, Gemini is designed to combine with your facts. This includes documents, displays, spreadsheets, and mail, on their respective Google Workspace apps.

At the time of writing, Gemini’s launch and integration into these apps remains underway, so the AI’s capability within the Workspace ecosystem is confined to textual content technology and image introduction. That stated, Gemini’s integrated conversational abilities already make it an eloquent assistant for innovative writing obligations.

Testing ChatGPT vs. Microsoft Copilot vs. Gemini

To help decide which AI chatbot offers greater accurate solutions, I'm going to apply a easy activate to compare the three:

"I actually have five oranges these days, I ate 3 oranges last week. How many oranges do I actually have left?"

The answer should be five, as the quantity of oranges I ate final week doesn't have an effect on the range of oranges I actually have today, which is what we're asking the three bots. First up, ChatGPT.

You should use ChatGPT

You should use ChatGPT if.....

ChatGPT was created by means of OpenAI and launched for a giant preview in November 2022. Since then, the AI chatbot speedy received over 100 million users, with the internet site by myself seeing 1.Eight billion traffic a month. It's been at the center of controversies, specially as human beings find its capability to do schoolwork and update a few workers.

2. You are willing to pay extra for an upgrade

OpenAI shall we users access ChatGPT -- powered via the GPT-three.Five version -- without cost with a registered account. But if you're inclined to pay for the Plus version, you can get entry to GPT-4 and plenty of extra features for $20 according to month.

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GPT-four is the most important LLM to be had to be used when in comparison to all other best AI chatbots and is trained with facts as much as April 2023 and can also get admission to the internet, powered through Microsoft Bing. GPT-4 is said to have over one hundred trillion parameters; GPT-3.Five has 175 billion parameters. More parameters essentially imply that the version is educated on more data, which makes it more likely to answer questions as it should be and much less at risk of hallucinations.

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You should use Microsoft Copilot if.....

1. You want more up-to-date information

In evaluation to the free model of ChatGPT, that is confined to being an AI device that generates textual content in a conversational fashion with statistics leading as much as early 2022, Copilot can get entry to the internet to deliver extra contemporary records, whole with hyperlinks for assets.

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There are other benefits, too. Copilot is powered by using GPT-four, OpenAI's LLM, and it's completely free to apply. Unfortunately, you're restricted to five responses on a single conversation, and might most effective enter up to two,000 characters in each set off.

2. You prefer more visual features

Through a sequence of improvements to its platform, Microsoft brought visible features to Copilot, formerly Bing Chat. At this point, you can ask Copilot questions like, 'What is a Tasmanian devil?' and get an facts card in reaction, complete with images, lifespan, diet, and greater for a more scannable end result this is less complicated to digest than a wall of text. When you operate Copilot, you could additionally ask it to create an picture for you. Give Copilot the description of what you want the image to appear like, and have the best chatbot generate 4 photos which will pick out from.

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Microsoft Copilot additionally functions extraordinary conversational styles when you interact with the chatbot, inclusive of Creative, Balanced, and Precise, which modify how mild or straightforward the interactions are.

You should use Gemini if.....

1. You want a fast, almost unlimited experience

In my time testing one-of-a-kind AI chatbots, I noticed Google Bard trap quite a few flack for exceptional shortcomings. While I'm not going to say they're unjustified, I will say that Google's AI chatbot, now named Gemini, has advanced substantially, inside and out.

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Gemini is fast with its answers, which have gotten extra correct through the years. It's no longer faster than ChatGPT Plus, however it is able to be quicker at giving responses than Copilot at times and quicker than the loose GPT-3.Five version of ChatGPT, although your mileage can also vary.

2. You want the full Google experience

Google also incorporated greater visual elements into its Gemini platform than the ones presently to be had on Copilot. Users can also use Gemini to generate photos, can upload snap shots through an integration with Google Lens, and revel in Kayak, OpenTable, Instacart, and Wolfram Alpha plugins.

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But Gemini is slowly becoming a complete Google enjoy thanks to Extensions folding the huge range of Google programs into Gemini. Gemini users can add extensions for Google Workspace, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Flights, and Google Hotels, giving them a extra personalised and large revel in.

Which should you use?

If you will use any generative AI model, then Google Gemini is truly, for my cash, the great around. Once upon a time, it would had been ChatGPT or Microsoft Copilot, but Microsoft Copilot's turn limit nevertheless places me off. Bard doesn't have a flip restriction, and with the replace to Gemini, it's a massive bounce in its prefer.

What's sudden is that Google Bard was as soon as too far at the back of to even be considered an opportunity right now, but the reason Bard receives a win from me is when it comes to coding. While it's super at research, writing, and proofreading, it is also been a large assist whilst using Python. That Gemini improve advanced it in all facets, too.

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If you are looking to spend cash though, then that flips on its head. Copilot Pro is brilliant for a creative who wants to combine AI into their workflows, and ChatGPT Plus is exquisite for builders and facts analysts who want help with charts, tables, and information. Gemini Advanced can also deliver some quite exact answers in text form, but in case you're buying an AI, there may be probably more that you want than only a textual content tool. Its integration into the Google suite of apps may be amazing, but it is not here now, so there may be no longer loads that you get for your cash presently that the free version doesn't provide.

For what AI is currently safest, ChatGPT probable takes the crown. Researching new topics with AI tools like Gemini and Microsoft Copilot is a recipe for disaster, as we've got already visible, whereas ChatGPT is tremendous for helping you write emails or broaden ideas. Microsoft Copilot and Bard each have the advantage of as a minimum displaying you assets, but the restrained seek extent of Microsoft Copilot is a huge terrible towards it, and Gemini can nonetheless actually pull up incorrect sources. Both are nowhere near as awful as they as soon as have been, however ChatGPT is a strong, dependable helper that, in case you're the usage of a free AI, will get the job accomplished speedy and efficiently.


In the evolving landscape of AI chatbots, ChatGPT, Microsoft Copilot, and Google Gemini every offer unique strengths and capabilities. ChatGPT excels in versatility and creative tasks, Copilot integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 apps for up to date facts and visual capabilities, at the same time as Gemini provides pace and a growing Google environment integration. Depending to your necessities, any of these best AI chatbots may be the ideal assistant on your responsibilities and initiatives.


1. How do I determine which AI chatbot to use?

Consider your specific needs and alternatives. If you fee versatility and creativity, ChatGPT might be the excellent choice. For up to date records and integration with Microsoft apps, Copilot will be best. If speed and a developing Google atmosphere integration are important to you, Gemini is probably the top select.

2. Are there any boundaries to the usage of these AI chatbots?

Each AI chatbot has its own limitations, such as turn limits, availability of sure capabilities, or capacity inaccuracies in responses. It's vital to be privy to those barriers and choose the AI chatbot that nice aligns together with your requirements.

3. Can I use those AI chatbots for expert purposes?

Yes, those AI chatbots may be used for expert functions, such as writing, research, and statistics evaluation. However, it's crucial to check their talents and ensure they meet your standards for accuracy and reliability in your professional workflows.

4. Are there any prices related to the use of these best chatbots?

While some variations of these AI chatbots are available for free, others provide top rate capabilities or subscriptions for an extra fee. Be positive to explore the pricing options and pick out the only that fits your budget and necessities.

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