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11 Best AI Tools for College Student in 2024

11 Best AI Tools for College Student in 2024

By Bhargav Dhameliya
Release Date : February 23, 2024
5 min read

If you’re a college student, AI tools can raise your productivity and remodel your instructional existence.

Wondering how?

From creating PowerPoint presentations to writing informative assignments or code, there’s an AI tool for the whole thing! Explore how AI tools for college students, from assignment help to study aids, can revolutionize your academic experience.

In this article, we are able to begin with the aid of know-how what synthetic intelligence is and what are its blessings for students. Then we will move on to discuss the 11 Best AI Tools for Students.

So, are you excited to beautify your capabilities and mastering with the electricity of AI? Let’s dive proper into it!

Quick Summary

Explore 11 top AI tools for college students in 2024. From Open AI Playground for text and image generation to Grammarly for grammar checking, these tools enhance learning, productivity, and academic success at various price points.

Best AI Tools for College Student

In the dynamic environment of higher education, where information flows rapidly and academic requirements are constantly evolving, staying ahead often requires leveraging the latest technology. Artificial intelligence (AI) has proven to be a game-changer for college students, offering innovative solutions to increase productivity, streamline assignments, and support academic success.

Best AI Tools for College Student

1. Assignmentgpt AI

AssignmentGPT AI is an AI-powered application that facilitates students and experts with a whole lot of academic activities, together with mission writing, AI to do assignment management, document writing, and check practise. It includes functions like speedy and correct answers to study questions, grammar and fashion recommendation, diagram producing, image-to-solution skills, and plagiarism-free content generation. The platform offers loads of plans to satisfy specific needs, starting from a free plan with restrained skills to top rate plans with more state-of-the-art choices consisting of limitless phrase matter, diagram manufacturing, and circumventing AI detectors.


  • Free Trial 3,000 words per month
  • Junior Master Plan $4.99 per month ($3.99 per month with annual billing)
  • Master Plan $9.99 per month ($8.33 per month with annual billing)
  • Principal Plan $14.99 per month ($12.49 per month with annual billing)
  • Lifetime Plan $249.99 Forever

2. Otter.ai

Import recordings of guest lectures to generate transcripts you can annotate and search. Never miss key points for exams again! Otter’s algorithms can generate transcripts from meetings, lectures, interviews, and more with over 90% accuracy. Users can edit, share, search, and organize transcripts for easy access.


  • Basic = Free
  • Pro = $8.33/month
  • Business = $20/month
  • Enterprise = Contact

3. Speechify

Enjoy the power of hands-free learning by converting text to audio. This software is a gift for kids who have hectic schedules and struggle with reading. Students may quickly adapt any information by removing any learning constraints.

This excellent AI Tool is compatible with all devices and works with emails, PDFs, and other forms of documents.


  • Limited = Free
  • Premium = $139/year
  • Audiobooks = $199/year

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4. Knowji

Knowji, as the name implies, is one of the most effective vocabulary-building tools. This allows you to make your learning experience both exciting and useful by leaving an unforgettable imprint. The primary goal of Knowji is to develop long-term memory.

This AI-powered tool is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.


  • Ranging from Free to $9.99/month

5. Anki

Learning how to study flashcards has been much easier thanks to the advent of Anki's most powerful and intelligent technology. This technology enables pupils to learn and remember new material more efficiently.

This fantastic tool is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.


  • Free of cost

6. Open AI Playground

Struggling with Indian History concepts? Use AI text generation to summarize chapters on the Mughal Empire into simplified overviews. Grasp key rulers, policies, and impacts! This free platform grants access to test models like GPT-3 for generating text, DALL-E for creating images, and Codex for coding. Play around with different prompts, settings, and outputs to see the creative potential.


  • Free of Cost

7. Brainly

One can very easily expand its knowledge by connecting & interacting with other students at Brainly. This powerful AI Tool helps in increasing knowledge by solving problems.

This AI tool is specially designed to help students in solving their queries by sharing knowledge & delivering answers. Cherry on the top is, Brainly uses algorithms to deliver the most relevant answers.


Basic = Free Plus = $3.25/month Tutor = $8/month

8. Quilbot

Does your confidence waver while presenting your ideas in written form? Well, you need Quillbot. It’s a really impressive paraphrasing tool that uses AI to rephrase your content into a professional and refined language.

On the free plan of Quillbot, you get access to 23 languages and 2 paraphrasing modes – Standard mode and Fluency mode. You can also access additional tools like Grammar Checker, CoWriter (writing assistant), Summarizer, and Citation Generator.

However, it’s not limited to just that. To really help you learn, it also highlights the changed and unchanged words in different colors. Analyzing and comparing your writing style with Quillbot’s corrections can improve your writing style over time.

For students who struggle with expressing their ideas in a clear and concise manner, Quillbot can work wonders!


  • $19.95/month
  • $99.96/year

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9. Grammarly

Grammarly is another popular grammar checking, proofreading, and editing tool. I’m sure you must’ve used it for editing your documents.

It uses a powerful AI algorithm to offer real-time suggestions for improving your grammar, spelling, writing style, etc. It also detects your content tone so you can convey your message in the right emotion.

It is quite accurate at analyzing language patterns, pointing out errors, and offering useful suggestions for correcting them as well.

If you’re a student who wants to improve their grammar and create error-free documents for school and college submissions, Grammarly is your best friend!


  • Basic = Free
  • Premium = $12/month
  • Business = $15/month

10. Century

Century is a tailored educational AI tool designed for all users. This AI platform addresses all of the kids' requirements, goals, strengths, and limitations. The nicest part about this technology is that parents and instructors can track development.

Century seeks to help kids perform better and reach new academic heights. There is no age restriction on this AI Platform.


  • Single = £9.99/month
  • Family = £18.99/month

11. Cognii

Without wasting time, try one-on-one tuition with a revolutionary platform that helps to improve critical thinking abilities. Cognii promotes natural language processing and machine learning, which helps students learn more effectively.

The nicest part about this platform is that it offers feedback to each learner, allowing them to identify their weak areas.


In the ever-evolving landscape of education, harnessing the strength of AI is not just beneficial however essential for college students striving for academic excellence. With those 11 AI tools for college students, you may streamline your mastering procedure, increase productivity, and advantage achievement like in no way before. Embrace the destiny of training and embark on a journey of improved gaining knowledge of with AI via your factor.


1: Are the ones AI system suitable for all university majors?

Yes, the ability of those AI system makes them relevant during various disciplines, from humanities to STEM fields.

2: Can I consider the accuracy of AI-generated content material?

While AI tools attempt for accuracy, it is also advocated to double-check important facts, specially for academic purposes.

3: Are there any privacy issues with the usage of those AI gear?

Most valid AI device corporations prioritize person privacy and statistics safety. However, it is certainly beneficial to look at their privateness rules and phrases of carrier in advance than use.

4: How can I integrate the ones AI equipment into my study habitual effectively?

Experiment with unique gear to find what works fine on your reading style and academic desires. Incorporate them into your examine habitual step by step and employ their capabilities to optimize your gaining knowledge of experience.

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