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20 Best AI Tools For Students In 2024

20 Best AI Tools For Students In 2024

By Bhargav Dhameliya
Release Date : February 13, 2024
5 min read

AI equipment are becoming critical for college kids, from the ability to use artificial intelligence to quality-track writing nuances and get entry to immediate comments.

And the great component? Many of those exceptional AI authoring equipment aren't just reserved for the eliteā€”they are handy and low cost, making them a boon for nonprofits and individuals on a price range.

Quick Summary

Discover the greatest AI tools for kids in 2024 that will revolutionise study habits with personalised materials and administrative automation, making them the perfect AI school aides.

Top alternatives include OpenAI Playground for writing help, QuillBot for paraphrasing, and Otter.Ai for lecture transcription. This equipment keeps time, enhances productiveness, and fosters creativity, empowering students for instructional success.

Understand AI and Benefits

Understanding AI is like being familiar with a beneficial computer companion. Consider it a shiny helper who learns and knows. It's now not a robotic taking over; it is a virtual assistant. AI is set simplifying lifestyles, like a type pal extending a hand. Technology isn't a alternative for people; as a substitute, generation is supposed to make matters less difficult and extra comfortable. So think about AI as a tech-savvy buddy who will brighten your day! Now, allow's explore the advantages of this beneficial tech friend.

1. Time Saver:

AI works like a magician, dashing up sports and permitting you extra time to do what you want.

2. Smart Suggestions:

Consider AI as your recommendation engine, imparting movies, tunes, or even the appropriate have a look at playlist.

3. Efficiency Booster:

Teachers now have a virtual assistant with AI, which speeds up homework marking and frees up time for greater interesting instructions.

4. Health Support:

AI assists docs by way of studying massive quantities of data, making it easier to discover successful treatment options and improve healthcare.

5. Everyday Assistance:

From organizing your calendar to reminding you of important events, AI is like a dependable pal who keeps you on target.

Benefits of AI Tools for Students

Personalization of learning

AI allows the adaptation of study materials to the level of each student. This means that individuals can learn at their own pace, strengthening their weaknesses and advancing in areas where they show greater ability.

Administrative efficiency

Educational institutions can use AI to automate administrative tasks, allowing educators to focus more on teaching and less on bureaucracy.


AI facilitates student access to high-quality educational resources, regardless of economic status or geographic location.

Continuous assessment

AI can assess each student's progress and provide real-time feedback, helping them identify their strengths and areas for improvement.

Top 20 Best AI Tools for Students

Top 20 Best AI Tools for Students

1. Assignmentgpt AI

AssignmentGPT AI is a versatile writing assistant that caters to the needs of students, bloggers, and educators. It offers many features, including customizable settings, a grammar check, and a plagiarism checker. The tool provides different pricing plans, including free and various paid plans, with increased features and capabilities. It aims to simplify academic writing, help create SEO-friendly content for blog writers, and assist teachers in developing educational materials. The AI also enables users to generate social media posts for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It offers over 50 tools, making it an all-in-one solution for various writing needs.

Common Use cases

  • Generating assignment ideas and assisting with research.


  • Free

2. ChatGPT

OpenAI's chatbot, ranked most of the finest AI tools for college kids, is sophisticated and absolutely free. It's a powerhouse for quick mastering, ideal for getting speedy replies and centered communique. With a large useful resource pool, it saves time and will increase production. The GPT-3 module, which is right for students, is free, but the GPT-four module calls for a club. This person-friendly AI for college students trying to boom productivity and learn fast, making it a top choose for the best writing assistance.

Common Use Cases

  • Streamlining content development by creating high-quality written material on certain themes.
  • Providing effective and 24/7 customer service and rapid resolution of concerns and difficulties.
  • Real-time translation help enables easy communication between languages.


  • Free: $0
  • Plus: $20 per user
  • Team: $25 per user per month (billed annually)
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

3. QuillBot

QuillBot is a student-focused artificial intelligence that allows you to generate intriguing and amazing writing articles. QuillBot is an extremely sophisticated tool that can understand text contextually and generate suitable paraphrases for single lines or full paragraphs. It is one of the greatest AI tools for students since it can paraphrase and summarise long-form text, discover and address plagiarism concerns, do grammatical checks, and provide language translation. Furthermore, QuillBot may work with you to co-write, making it one of the best AI applications.

Common Use Cases

  • Provides AI-powered paraphrasing and grammatical checking to help enhance the quality of written material.
  • Helps language learners improve their writing abilities by offering rapid recommendations and corrections.
  • Professionals use it to rewrite and modify material efficiently, saving time and effort on content production and editing tasks.


  • Annual: $4.17 per month or $49.95 billed every 12 months
  • Semi-Annual: $6.66 per month or $39.95 billed every six months
  • Monthly: $9.95 billed per month

4. Open AI Playground

OpenAI, a long-status and frequently used programme, is a need to-have for students and professionals. Its textual content-davinci-03 module is a recreation changer for growing plagiarism-free cloth, which include studies papers. If you are experiencing writer's block, it may additionally assist you frame and set up your blogs and essays, allowing you to ace your initiatives. OpenAI's playground is most of the pinnacle AI tools for college kids, making it crucial for academic and professional fulfillment.

Common Use Cases

  • Testing helps to improve model responses.
  • Learning API interactions for OpenAI language models.
  • Prototyping and verifying AI-powered concepts rapidly.
  • Serving as a teaching tool for AI and NLP comprehension.


  • Free

5. Fotor

Fotor AI, a standout among the top AI gear for college students, fosters creativity in artwork and layout. It combines phrase prompts into breathtaking, AI-generated artwork with countless opportunities directed with the aid of your ideas. It's best for budding designers and artists, supplying new views and vistas. This device is a innovative partner and a useful useful resource for people interested in pc technological know-how. Fotor AI affords an extremely good trip for students, making it the best free AI device. To observe laptop science, study our list of the 15 Best Universities for Computers.

Common Use Cases

  • Enhances photographs using AI technology, making them excellent for generating amazing displays.
  • Users may make text stand out and increase readability when producing visuals or advertising materials.
  • Provides diverse stickers to bring excitement and visual appeal to creative projects.


  • Free basic version, premium plans available

6. Adobe Express & Firefly

Adobe, a pioneer in AI, showcases its prowess with Adobe Express and the beta-stage Firefly. While Firefly is gradually opening up in beta, Adobe Express is fully functional, offering a range of templates. Firefly's text-to-image AI elevates art creation with just a prompt, making it a must for aspiring designers. With free and premium features, Adobe's tools are among the best for students pursuing design, marking them as top AI tools for students' academic and commercial use.

Common Use Cases

  • Enables quick and easy custom image and text effect generation from text prompts in multiple languages.
  • Integrates generative AI into Adobe apps, allowing content creation across the Adobe ecosystem.
  • Will enable users of all skill levels to produce high-quality images and text effects.


  • Free: $0
  • Premium: $4.99 per month

7. Grammarly

Grammarly is a text correction, paraphrasing, grammatical correction, and plagiarism-checking AI for students. It is one of the most effective AI tools for students since it corrects grammatical errors and improves sentence structure. Grammarly has created a powerful artificial intelligence that allows it to interpret the text in context and assist users in writing correctly. It has been regarded as one of the finest AI tools for students since it can be used as an integrated tool with Word or your browser and as a separate app for added convenience.

Common Use Cases

  • Helps writers proofread and improve their documents, enhancing the quality of written content.
  • Assists professionals in crafting error-free emails and reports, improving communication.
  • Supports non-native English speakers in enhancing their language skills and confidence in writing and speaking.


  • Free: $0
  • Premium: $12 per month
  • Business: $15 per user per month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing


Otter AI is one of the greatest AI solutions for students, allowing for simultaneous lecture recording and transcribing. It delivers an astonishing 160 words per minute, providing precise text conversion while you concentrate on your studies. This sophisticated tool interfaces with a variety of programmes, increasing its utility. Otter AI helps you learn in class and group sessions. It stands out among the best AI tools for students by emphasizing the need for skill development in addition to AI help for student achievement.

Common Use Cases

  • Meeting transcription and note-taking services are available in real-time.
  • Assists journalists in transcribing interviews and taking notes for more effective reporting.
  • Helps students record and summarise lectures, making reviewing and understanding course information simpler.


  • Basic: Free
  • Pro: $10/month per user
  • Business: $20/month per user
  • Enterprise: Contact for pricing

9. QuizGecko

The maximum advanced AI-powered quiz tool for pupils. QuizGecko presents a whole lot of quizzes protecting a extensive variety of topics, making studying interesting and powerful for humans of every age. QuizGecko consists of all academic disciplines, consisting of history, mathematics, physics, literature, and more. A various type of expert-curated quizzes, personalised guidelines, and aggressive demanding situations makes mastering greater interesting and successful.

Common Use Cases

  • Helps educators create engaging online quizzes for student assessments.
  • Enables businesses to conduct interactive employee training through customizable quizzes.
  • Enables content creators to engage their audience with fun and informative quizzes on various topics.


  • Free

10. Stepwise math

For children struggling with arithmetic, Stepwise arithmetic appears as an essential AI. Its clever algorithm identifies areas of difficulty and leads you step by step through the problem-solving process. Stepwise Math tailors a course to your specific needs, allowing you to learn at your speed. With tasks and worksheets tailored to your learning curve, this effective tool addresses deficiencies, making it a top pick among the best AI tools for students.

Common Use Cases

  • Improve math skills by receiving instant AI-guided feedback when facing confusion.
  • Boost test performance through intuitive feedback and better preparation for standardized tests.
  • Apply stepwise functions in mathematics and engineering for signal processing and data analysis.


  • Free

As you start your academic journey? make use of AI tools to improve your learning experience, increase productivity, and reach your maximum potential. Discover a variety of AI-based solutions designed specifically for students and educators, and transform the way you study, create, and work together.

11. Google Bard

This AI chatbot is one of the best AI tools for students because of Google's trust and large database. You may ask it anything, and it will give you the correct response. Bard significantly enhances the search user experience. All you have to do is input the text relating to your search query and press enter, and Google Bard will provide you with the best results and a summary. Even in its early phases of development, it can easily rival and occasionally outperform ChatGPT. So, check out this incredible AI tool for pupils that you'll love to use!

Common Use Cases

  • Transcribe old letters or documents from images into digital text for easy sharing.
  • Find the best online deals, helping with cost-effective shopping.
  • Assist in the kitchen with recipe suggestions and nutritional information for healthier eating.


  • Free

12. Undetectable AI

Are you concerned that AI content detectors may flag valuable content? Enter Undetectable AI, which transforms AI-generated language into information that sounds 100% human! It is the most sophisticated artificial intelligence detection tool on the market. Its system eliminates recognized AI information from your text, guaranteeing it passes even the most advanced AI detectors. It not only removes AI content, but it also improves the quality of your work. You don't have to worry about losing your material's inventiveness and authenticity. Unquestionably, it is one of the greatest AI tools for students; add it to your arsenal now!

Common Use Cases

  • To personalize content for individual users, hence increasing user engagement and conversion rates.
  • Generating a high amount of human-like information effectively saves time and resources.
  • To develop SEO-optimized material that does not raise red flags with search engines.


Pricing information is not available.

13. Notion

Notion AI, a powerful generative tool, marks the company's first into artificial intelligence. It excels in summarising notes, modifying text, and generating actionable tasks following meetings. As one of the best AI for students, Notion stands out for simplifying and automating chores with smart ideas and templates. It's a must-try for students looking for increased efficiency and a better user experienceā€”Notion AI is improving productivity one step at a time.

Common Use Cases

  • Document creation and customization, as well as improved writing and editing capabilities.
  • A complete task and project management application that helps users organize and monitor work efficiently.
  • Suitable for scenario planning and use case management, with a disciplined approach to scenario documentation.


  • The free basic version, premium plans available.

14. Duolingo

The person who has yet to hear of Duolingo is definitely living under a roof. Excels as a free AI for students for language learning, offering courses in over 30 languages. With concise and engaging lessons, it focuses on reading, listening, and speaking skills. Leveraging AI capabilities, Duolingo tailors lessons to users' skills and pace. The Duolingo Language Test, an affordable proficiency test, integrates assessment science and AI. As one of the top AI tools for students, Duolingo marks a spot for effective and personalized language education.

Common Use Cases

  • Learn and improve their language skills through interactive lessons and practice.
  • To enhance language education in classrooms and engage students with gamified learning.
  • Businesses utilize Duolingo's language courses to upskill employees and allow international communication.


  • The free basic version, premium plans available.

15. Edmentum

Edmentum is an educational technology startup that provides personalized services for children in grades K-12. As an AI-powered educational platform, it tailors teachings to the student's needs. It uses ML algorithms to track the learner's progress, allowing for continual evaluation and exact instruction. Edmentum provides online learning, including course materials, mock examinations, exam prep, and professional development. Why worry about examinations when we have this fantastic AI for students? It is undoubtedly one of the greatest AI tools for students in 2023.

Common Use Cases

  • Help schools address specific educational needs with its counselling service.
  • Provides personalized, virtual, or blended learning support, graduation rates, and college/career readiness.
  • Offers professional support, virtual learning, and courses to address teacher shortages.


  • Free

16. Slides

Slidesgo sticks out as an splendid AI device for students, simplifying charming content material creation. With a great library of Google slides and PowerPoint templates, it utilizes AI to effects rework written content material into enticing displays. No more boring and monotonous responsibilities; just pick a template, upload your content, and allow the AI work its magic. Slidesgo is surely one of the maximum useful and quality AI gear for students, making displays a breeze.

Common Use Cases

  • Create visually engaging presentations for business, education, etc., with professionally designed templates.
  • Simplify complex information using case study infographic templates for clear and engaging presentations.
  • Support education with special plans for teachers and students, improving lesson materials and projects.


  • Free

17. Fotor AI

Fotor AI transforms text prompts into beautiful, AI-generated artwork, making it a standout desire for aspiring designers and artists. From improving pics with AI to enhancing clarity in photograph layout, Fotor AI is a creative accomplice that opens doors to sparkling views and new horizons.

Common Use Case

  • AI-powered photo editing.


  • The free basic version, premium plans available.

18. Altitude Learning

Altitude Learning is an online platform that emphasizes student-centred education for professional development. There is a priority on teaching to the individual needs of each student. The primary focus is on empowering kids to study independently. This AI tool enables educators to satisfy the requirements of each student with care, from the planning stage through monitoring their progress. Educators may assign work individually, in small big or huge groups. This helps learners create their learning path with a mentor or instructor.

Common Use Cases

  • Personalized learning, curriculum management.


  • Not Specified

19. Smart Sparrow

Rooted in the mission of crafting unparalleled digital learning experiences, Smart Sparrow specializes in adaptive, simulative, and gamified learning environments. They are your partners in bringing visions to life, offering services from strategic consulting to custom software development.

Smart Sparrow uniquely marries the power of AI with the elegance of design. The editable templates and an extensive component library ensure that designing visually rich, interactive courseware is a breeze.

With granular user permissions, collaborate on courseware creation with peers, colleagues, and external vendors.

Common Use Cases

Adaptive learning, course development.


  • Up to 5 learners: Free
  • Up to 100 learners: $15/user per course
  • Up to 500 learners: $12/user per course
  • 500+ learners: Contact Smart Sparrow for pricing

20. Dream Box

DreamBox is an adaptive mastering platform designed to aid educators and college students in diverse methods. The platform offers a constant alternative for training in unsure times, presents interactive and engaging digital training, and consists of an Insight Dashboard to help educators make statistics-pushed educational decisions. DreamBox is thought for its effectiveness in improving scholar effects, as evidenced by way of various research research. The platform offers over 2,000 K-8 math instructions, which might be adaptive and alter in real-time to manual students via their studying environment.

Common Use Cases

  • Math learning and practice.


  • Not Specified

Discover the immense potential of top AI tools for students to revolutionize your academic path? Take a look at our carefully selected collection of AI aids for school and embark on a journey towards unmatched accomplishment in your studies starting now.


In the rapidly evolving training panorama, AI gear have emerged as fundamental companions for college students in search of to excel academically. From customized gaining knowledge of stories to streamlined administrative tasks, those gear provide myriad benefits that empower college students to thrive in the virtual age. By harnessing the power of AI, college students can unencumber new possibilities, overcome demanding situations, and embark on a lifelong getting to know journey.


  1. What are AI tools for students?

AI equipment for college students are software program programs powered by way of synthetic intelligence algorithms designed to help college students in diverse elements in their instructional adventure. These gear embody more than one functionalities, such as writing help, have a look at aids, administrative automation, and personalised learning reviews.

  1. Are AI tools inexpensive for students?

Many AI tools for students offer unfastened or low-cost pricing plans, making them handy to a wide variety of users. Additionally, some tools offer discounted costs for students or instructional institutions.

  1. How do AI tools make contributions to educational fulfillment?

AI tools make contributions to academic achievement via improving productivity, supplying customized learning studies, and facilitating green verbal exchange and collaboration. By leveraging AI era, students can optimize their examine conduct, improve studying effects, and reap their educational goals greater efficiently.

  1. How can AI tools gain students?

AI tools advantage college students in numerous approaches:

  • Personalization of getting to know:

AI adapts examine substances to person gaining knowledge of styles and tempo.

  • Administrative performance:

AI automates duties, permitting educators to attention more on teaching.

  • Accessibility:

AI gives get admission to to first rate academic assets regardless of monetary fame.

  • Continuous evaluation:

AI assesses scholar progress and affords actual-time remarks for improvement.

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