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Best Math Websites for Teachers and students

Best Math Websites for Teachers and students

By Bhargav Dhameliya
Release Date : March 19, 2024
5 min read

It used to be difficult for teachers to find educational and useful math websites for students. The challenge now is to find the best ones.

This is because, although many websites offer online math games, interactive activities, worksheets and tutorials and other resources, they vary in quality and usability

We researched and found the best tools to teach mathematical principles, problem solving and critical thinking to students before kindergarten and beyond.

In addition to the short list you’ll download at the bottom of this article, here are 26 useful and often free math websites for teachers, and five that can be shared with students.

Quick Summary

Discover the excellent math websites for teachers and university students, presenting equipment like AssignmentGPT AI Math Solver and Mathway for problem-fixing, Symbolab for equations, and systems like Khan Academy and Prodigy Math for personalised gaining knowledge of. These resources beautify math schooling from prekindergarten to better grades, fostering crucial questioning and engagement. Best Math Websites

Top 26 Math Website for Teachers and Students

Here's our listing of a number of the top Maths websites for students and teachers.

Best Math Websites

1. Assignmentgpt AI Math Solver

AssignmentGPT AI Math Solver is a sophisticated tool that uses artificial intelligence to help resolve math problems. By moving into math questions, customers can discover solutions, reasons, and answers little by little. These new systems beautify learning and hassle-solving talents at some stage in arithmetic disciplines, transforming the manner students method arithmetic education.

2. Mathway

Mathway is a web mathematical hassle-solving programme famous among Australian college students and beginners. It's a useful useful resource for every person who need to solve math troubles and visualise mathematical concepts. Mathway is cited for its capacity to remedy a huge range of mathematical problems and equations, making it an invaluable resource for Australian students and beginners of every age. This platform assists users in information and working through a number of maths issues, making the getting to know manner more efficient and on hand.

3. Symbola

Symbolab allows students to work on their math issues with powerful calculators. Symbolab is an equation seek and mathematical answer. The mathematical gadgets supplied by means of this tool consist of 'equations, simultaneous equations, inequalities, integrals, derivatives, limits, tangent, trigonometric equations, functions, and extra.

4. Brighterly

Brighterly is a web math platform designed to assist basic and middle school college students broaden a love of math via customized education. Through interactive video games, quizzes and challenges, college students can have a fun and tasty studying enjoy tailor-made to their character needs and gaining knowledge of styles

Brightly also provides teachers with powerful tools to track student progress, monitor their performance, and adjust their instructional strategies to ensure each student can reach their full potential. With a comprehensive curriculum covering all major math topics, Brighterly is an excellent resource for students and teachers looking to enhance their math education.

5. khanacademy

Another great educational platform where you can find a variety of teaching materials covering almost every subject from math to history and grammar.

Khan Academy provides an ideal personalized learning environment in which students 'engage at their own pace, filling in their understanding gaps first and then accelerating their learning.

6. mathworld.wolfram

Wolfram Mathworld is a platform with the aid of Wolfram Research which offers a various set of educational math sources covering areas along with: carried out mathematics, geometry, topology, variety records, calculus and analysis, and plenty of greater. The website online additionally offers beneficial calculators to assist college students solve math problems and get admission to step by step tutorials.

7. desmos

Desmos is a great graphing calculator that now offers a huge collection of other math products and tools. Teachers can use the site’s library to browse teaching activities or schedule new ones. In addition to graphing calculators, Desmos also offers scientific calculators, four function calculators, matrix calculators, test behaviors, and much more.

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8. deltamath

An educational platform designed by a math teacher, Delta Math features more than 1,800 solved math problems that align with the Common Core. With its integrated auto-grading system, students get immediate feedback on their answers.

9. xtramath

XtraMath is all approximately improving college students math reality fluency. There are tons of math activities, issues, and physical games for students to work on. Teachers can create their very own instructions and invite college students to join the class and start attractive with math content.

10. mathplayground

Math Playground is an educational website that offers a variety of math games, videos, and interactive activities for students in kindergarten through sixth grade. The games are organized by subject and grade and some align with the Common Core standards.

Math playground games cover a variety of topics including fraction games, division games, number games, ratio games, pre-algebra games, geometry games, and more.

11. buzzmath

Buzz Math provides teachers and parents with a variety of teaching resources to help their children learn math. These resources include more than 30.000 interactive math questions, brain teasers, video explanations, flexible objects, math vocabulary, etc. As students complete math problems, they receive a customized badge themselves which determines their progress.

12. mathletics

Mathletics offers a math software to use in each in-individual and far off school rooms. You can layout attractive math activities, use trouble-fixing and reasoning questions, compensate their mastering with generated certificates and awards. Mathletics also provides in-depth reporting to help you keep tune of your students gaining knowledge of progress and design plans for future classes.

13. prodigygame

This free website is popular with teachers and students for a video game style experience while practicing their math skills. Standards for each student according to ability have been developed, as well as state and grade level standards. Teachers can submit free reports that are automatically generated when students plat. The game has a magic-based theme and interesting characters that get involved as kids learn.

14. Prodigy Math

The Prodigy Math Game enables students to develop math skills even though the standards-aligned games are designed for grades 1 through 8. Prodigy also offers online tutoring by classroom teachers. The free website provides access to 50.000 questions and over 1000 curriculum-compliant skills.

As students play the Prodigy Math Game, curriculum-aligned maths questions are adapted to suit their individual development. Prodigy provides a fun in-game experience as students practice the essential math skills required for their class.

15. TES

TES gives access to educator-submitted and rated materials such as worksheets and report templates. In addition to the regular resources, the website aggregates blog articles that provide valuable recommendations. These contain instructional ideas and specific themes, such as teaching maths to pupils of varying skill levels. You should also find the website straightforward to browse. The resources are organised by grade level, and trending searches display on the site.

16. TeacherVision

For a very affordable monthly fee, gain access to thousands of resources created by teachers like you. They cover every topic and every grade level.

Discover the power of interactive learning with these top math websites. Transform your teaching strategies and engage your students like never before. Dive in todayTransform your teaching strategies and engage your students like never before. Dive in today

17. TeacherTube

Consider this a portal similar to YouTube, but designed particularly for teachers and schools. Find videos generated by other instructors and add your own to share. These are some of the greatest interactive maths websites, offering students both teaching and autonomous practice.

18. Math TV

One user referred to MathTV as the Netflix of online learning. This website features 10,000 free math videos on topics such as algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus. However, their "Basic Math" topic will be most useful for middle school kids.

There are 34 amazing tutors behind the videos. They have so many because their diverse approaches to the same maths themes and problems teach pupils how to solve issues in new ways.

MathTV has been optimised for all mobile devices, allowing students to view it on the move and teachers to include it into their everyday mathematics education.

19. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

This digital collection of web-based interactive tools, built by Utah State University in 1999, can assist teachers teach arithmetic subjects from Pre-K to 12th grade.

Teachers and students have the best success when these tools are supplemented with in-class teachings, homework, or conventional practice.

It's worth noting that tech-savvy pupils may object to this website's datedness. In the words of Common Sense, "Students who struggle with difficult math concepts may like the trial-and-error format, but the vintage design and unclear feedback may scare some away."

20. SuperKids

The creative process is simple. The website highlights abilities such as telling the time and following the order of procedures. After you've chosen one, you may change the minimum and maximum numbers that appear in the questions, as well as the amount of questions on the worksheet. It only takes one click to produce the associated answer sheet.

21. Math Goodies

Math Goodies was started in 1998 with the goal of being one of the most creative math websites available. They provide self-paced learning, which is perfect for people seeking a more personalised learning experience.

22. Math-Aids

Use Math-Aids as an alternative to SuperKids, accessing free worksheets to use in class or give as homework.

There are 1,200 distinct worksheets covering approximately 100 themes. Although the customisation choices aren't as extensive as SuperKids', there are more talents suitable for higher grade levels. For example, there are worksheets that deal with the Pythagorean theorem. You may also create word games and problems to fit different learning methods.


SMILE is a website hosted by the Illinois Institute of Technology. The SMILE abbreviation stands for Science and Mathematics Initiative for Learning Enhancement. The site is currently idle, but you may still view all of the interesting content that was previously submitted.

24. Online Chart Tool

Capture the attention of visual learners by crafting charts with this online tool, seamlessly integrating them into worksheets, presentations, and various materials.

To make the process of producing charts easier, the website walks you through the stages of entering data, adjusting labels, and changing your style. To speed up the process, provide a CSV file with your data. Currently, the tool allows you to build both standard and atypical charts, such as line graphs and radar charts.

25. Daily Starters

Make it a habit to visit Scholastic’s Daily Starters page every day to assist in crafting entry tickets for both individual and collaborative tasks.

The subject levels span from prekindergarten to grade eight. They often feature maths and English problems, as well as knowledge about other areas. Many teachers either print the Daily Starters or project them on the whiteboard. Aside from admission tickets, they may be used in a variety of ways in classes, including learning stations.

26. Get the Math

This website, designed for middle and high school students, tries to demonstrate the real-world application of algebra by integrating video and web interactivity.

Teachers might vary their algebra classes by showing pupils brief movies of how young professionals apply math in music, fashion, video games, restaurants, basketball and special effects.

At the end of each video, the featured individual will challenge two teams of pupils. However, the developers of Get the Maths strongly urge classes to try to finish the problems using the same algebraic techniques.

Use these math websites to help your students

Using this list, you should be able to identify maths websites that suit your and your students' interests and requirements.

Many of these can help you reap the benefits of incorporating game-based learning into your classroom.

They range in terms of content—some may be used in lessons, while others provide stand-alone exercises.

However, each one may help you create a more engaged classroom.

Try Assignmentgpt AI Math Solver, an adaptive, curriculum-aligned math that changes material to children' difficulty spots and learning rates. It is popular among more than 100 million kids and instructors.


In today's digital age, finding satisfactory math assets for each instructors and students is crucial for effective schooling. With the plethora of websites to be had, it can be challenging to pick out the excellent ones suitable for your needs. However, this comprehensive list highlights 26 math websites for teachers , imparting a diverse variety of gear, video games, tutorials, and interactive sports to guide math preparation from prekindergarten via better grades. From AI-powered trouble-solving systems to personalised mastering environments, these assets foster essential wondering, engagement, and talent improvement in arithmetic. Embrace those tools, integrate them into your teaching practices, and witness the transformation to your students' mathematical skillability and exuberance.


  1. How can I decide which math internet site is satisfactory acceptable for my college students' wishes?

Consider elements together with grade level, particular math subjects, teaching fashion, and scholar possibilities whilst choosing a math internet site. Explore more than one alternatives, trial them together with your college students, and verify their effectiveness primarily based on engagement, learning consequences, and user feedback.

  1. Are those math websites unfastened to use?

Many of the indexed math websites offer loose get right of entry to to their fundamental functions and sources. However, some may also provide premium subscriptions or extra paid content. Be positive to check every internet site's pricing shape and capabilities to make an knowledgeable choice.

  1. Can these math websites be incorporated into my present curriculum?

Absolutely! These math websites are designed to complement and beautify traditional school room coaching. You can incorporate them into your lesson plans, homework assignments, or impartial take a look at sessions to reinforce ideas, offer additional exercise, and cater to numerous gaining knowledge of needs.

  1. How can I song my students' development and overall performance on those math web sites?

Many of the featured math websites offer monitoring and reporting equipment for instructors to display pupil development, identify regions of difficulty, and adjust education as a result. Explore the dashboard or analytics functions inside each platform to get admission to distinctive insights into your college students' gaining knowledge of journey.

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