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14 Best AI tools for Academic Research in 2024

June 12, 2024
Bhargav Dhameliya
Bhargav Dhameliya
14 Best AI tools for Academic Research in 2024


  1. Quick Summary
  2. What is An AI Tool for Research?
  3. The Best AI Tools for Academic Research
  4. Comparing the Best AI Tools For Research
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQs

AI is converting every component of our lives, the importance of artificial intelligence to make business easier and cheaper. Be a cornerstone for instructors and students to help educate themselves. From facts analytics to human language processing, these AI assessment gears no longer only help collect facts but also improve the accuracy and efficiency of academic evaluation. Top 14 AI equipment reshaping academic assessment by way of year. Here is an instance of the year 2024, which ensures that analysts can gather correct statistics fast in advance.

Quick Summary

By 2024, AI equipment will transform instructional research, streamlining tasks from information evaluation to document series. Top 14 AI analytics gear that reshapes educational research and AssignmentGPT AI, Quillbot, Semantic Scholar, Site, Mendeley, and greater. This equipment offers features like AI-powered writing help, advanced record summaries, advanced grammar assessments, efficient citation checks, etc. Since creativity is a business, current equipment for college kids, researchers, teachers, and on-the-activity caregivers, mastering experience is significantly more advantageous. This equipment could be more and more moderately affected, five, however, they've, it speeds up the whole process.

What is An AI Tool for Research?

AI research gear is constructed on machine studying and huge language models (LLMs) that help researchers collect records, behaviour literature searches, quotation evaluations, etc. They are trained on large amounts of statistics and are searchable in guides to extract essential statistics about your search. Some of these tools can also help you rewrite a report's sections, endorse grammar upgrades, and summarize large factors to make them less complicated to digest.

The Best AI Tools for Academic Research

These AI tools will assist in accumulating records and even help researchers understand user challenges. Let us take a deep dive into the topic.

1. AssignmentGPT AI

AssignmentGPT AI is a writing assistant platform providing users with various sources to help them with their assignments, essays, blogs, lesson plans, and creative projects.

AssignmentGPT AI

What we like about AssignmentGPT AI

  • Easy-to-use interface: The platform is designed to be intuitive and on hand, considering various users.

  • AI-powered writing assistance: AssignmentGPT AI uses advanced AI algorithms to provide brilliant content speedily and successfully, saving customers effort and time.

  • Customization options: Users can specify the format, duration, tone, and layout of their content, ensuring that the products meet their specific wishes.

  • Plagiarism Checker: The platform includes a plagiarism checker to ensure the content generated is unique and not copied from scratch.

Why we picked IT

AssignmentGPT AI stands out for its versatility, ease of use, and efficiency. The platform is designed to be a valuable resource for students, bloggers, undertaking writers, educators, and content creators, presenting expert guides and concepts for an extensive range of content introduction tasks.

Who is AssignmentGPT AI Best for?

AssignmentGPT AI is fine and desirable for college students, bloggers, content creators, instructors, and professionals. It provides some functions to help customers create fantastic content, including academic writing, blog writing, lesson planning, and more.

Reviews and Ratings

  • Producthunt: 4.9/5


  • Free and paid

  • Paid: Junior Master Plan $6.99 Monthly

2. QuilBot

Quillbot is your AI partner, offering many timesaving features to streamline your workflow. It is designed to help researchers at all levels. The Quillbot tool uses a comprehensive curriculum to improve your writing and comprehension. With Quillbot, you can confidently explain and summarize complex information and ensure clear, plagiarism-free writing. Plus, you can quote more accurately. Quillbot simplifies your workflow and improves your writing.


What we like about Quilbot

  • Different Paraphrasing Modes: Quillbot provides repetition options. This means you can adjust the style and tone to suit your needs, whether formal, creative, or brief.

  • Advanced Grammar Plagiarism Check (Premium Only): When you go on the Quillbot premium plan, you get access to a grammar checker that catches errors and a plagiarism detector that makes sure your work is original.

  • Summarize long texts: A useful feature for researchers is the ability to summarize large data sets, making it easier to understand and digest complex data quickly.

  • Flexible extensions: Quillbot provides extensions and apps for Google, MacOS, and Microsoft Word. These tools allow you to define and summarize directly in your browser or apps, making it easier to work on the go.

Why we picked IT

Quillbot is an excellent AI tool for helping researchers, mainly because it can explain complex data. It can clarify text and summarize sources, especially when analyzing long cases.

Who is Quilbot Best for?

Quillbot is perfect for students and researchers who need help summarizing longer pieces of writing, checking for grammatical errors, or rewriting text so it can go into writing more efficiently. It can help rewrite the content and give a deeper understanding of complex topics.

Reviews and Ratings

  • Capterra: 5/5


Premium Plan starts at $4.17/month.

3. Semantic Scholar

Semantic Scholar tool, which includes more than 200 million papers from all scientific fields, provides a comprehensive summary of the academic paper, including the field of study addressed by the research and its impact on the discipline.

Semantic Scholar

What we like about Semantic Scholar

  • AI-enhanced search and discovery: Semantics uses advanced AI algorithms to provide more relevant search results. It highlights important citations, influential papers, and keywords, enabling researchers to understand the significance and scope of the research easily.

  • Comprehensive paper summary: Each paper includes an insightful summary of its major contributions, methods, and implications, saving researchers time by providing quick overviews without the need to examine all the details immediately.

  • Impact analysis: The tool analyzes the impact of research papers in their fields by analyzing citation networks and other metrics. This helps users understand how a paper has influenced subsequent research.

  • Interdisciplinary introduction: Covering more than 200 million papers from all scientific disciplines, logic scholars address a wide range of academic interests and contribute to multidisciplinary research.

  • Free and open data: Semantic Scholars is independent and allows access to large amounts of open data, improving transparency and accessibility in academic research.

Why we picked IT

Translation specialists stand out because they combine AI technology and extensive academic literature. Its ability to provide comprehensive data collection and impact analysis makes it a valuable tool for experienced and novice researchers alike. The symposium's goal of increasing research discovery aligns well with student's needs to access resources to research and understand it quickly and efficiently.

Who is a Scholar Best for?

Semantic Scholar is essential for researchers, academics, students (from graduate students to PhD candidates), industry professionals, interdisciplinary students, and institutions/libraries, empowering them to discover, explore and cutting-edge research in various disciplines has been maintained.

Reviews and Ratings

  • Academic Help: 5/5


  • Free to access

4. Scite

Scite is a well-rounded reference tool that provides information about citations by explicitly stating whether the academic paper supports or contradicts the citation. This saves researchers time reading lengthy papers and lets them quickly determine whether citations are relevant to their research.


What we like about Scite

  • Intelligent testimonies: Scite doesn't say how many times an article has been cited. He examines how it has been noted in other studies. This means that Scite can determine whether the cited article supports, contradicts, or references the original research.

  • Quotes: Using Scite, you can see exactly how different parts of the article are cited in other studies. This helps to understand how other researchers use and interpret the original work.

  • Reports of citations: Scite provides detailed reports that reveal citation patterns and trends. These reports help you identify key issues and influential authors in a particular field.

  • Big data sets: Scite is built on a massive database of over 187 million articles, books, preprints, and more. This makes it a powerful tool for researchers seeking a comprehensive perspective.

Why we picked IT

Researching complex topics can be daunting and time-consuming. Thanks to Scite, researchers can focus more on analyzing citations for relevance rather than retrieving data. The website explores how research papers link through citations in depth. This allows the most relevant and impactful studies to be quickly identified, saving time and effort and helping researchers focus more rapidly on pertinent issues.

Who is Scite Best for?

Thanks to its powerful citation analysis, academic researchers, students and entrepreneurs will benefit from Scite. Scite helps researchers understand the importance and impact of previous research by analyzing and comparing citations from various research papers, scientific studies, and publications. This helps with content analysis, and rigorous analysis of research topics is easier.

Reviews and Ratings

  • Capterra: 4.5/5


  • Premium Plan starts at $20/month.

5. Mendeley

Mendeley wants to impact tomorrow, so it brings your research to life. It allows you to access your library anywhere, enabling you to add documents from your browser or desktop. Mendeley also works on various devices, including Windows, Mac, browsers, and Linux, allowing you to customize your access to your needs.


What we like about Mendeley

  • Accessibility: Mendeley's ability to sync your library across multiple devices and platforms makes it very convenient. Whether working on a Windows PC, Mac, or even Linux, your research library is easily accessible.

  • Browser integration: Adding documents directly from your browser improves productivity. This simplifies the collection of research materials, saving you time and effort.

  • Customization: Mendeley's versatility allows users to tailor their experience to their needs and preferences. Whether you're organizing your library, annotating documents, or collaborating with your peers, you can tailor Mendeley to your workflow.

Why we picked IT

Mendeley stands out for its comprehensive resources, specially designed for researchers and educators. Its easy integration across tools and platforms and its robust organization and management tools make it the top choice for efficiently managing analytical data.

Who is Mendeley Best for?

Mendeley is a role model for researchers, teachers, students, scholars and others. Whether you're researching, writing papers, or collaborating with peers, Mendeley's features can streamline your workflow and increase productivity.

Reviews and Ratings

  • TrustRadius: 2.5/5


  • Free Charges for additional cloud storage space vary.

6. Consensus

Consensus tool documents insights into research papers using AI. It is a "study diagram" that summarizes detailed research papers by discussing the research's objectives, variables, and findings. The platform also provides credible answers to questions supported by academic papers by providing research papers that support and contrast the question, allowing users to search for established answers in their eyes.


What we like about Consensus

  • Smart AI responds faster: Consensus uses advanced AI to analyze millions of peer-reviewed research papers. It gives you accurate and detailed answers to your questions in seconds.

  • Data Reliability: The tool is based solely on published, peer-reviewed studies from respected global journals and authors. This makes the information reliable and unbiased.

  • Efficient and fast: Approval of AI-powered research helps you quickly discover key insights about any topic, saving you time compared to traditional research methods.

  • Clear summary with GPT-4: Using GPT-4 technology, the Consensus summarises the 5-10 most relevant research findings for your query as it is easy to read.

Why we picked IT

Consensus delivers accurate, evidence-based insights for professionals needing swift, high-quality data. It efficiently summarizes technical information, focuses on scientific literature, and continuously updates to provide the latest, reliable content. Who is ConsensusBest for? Approvals are a great tool for researchers, content creators, or anyone who needs reliable, up-to-date information about scientific publications. It can provide a reliable and informative solution for those tasked with creating summaries and citations and quickly gathering large amounts of data.

Reviews and Ratings

  • Capterra: 4.9/5


  • Premium Plan Starts at $8.99/month.

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7. Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a beacon of academic research, providing a platform as flexible as its browser counterpart. It's a treasure trove of up-to-date articles, research papers and scholarly publications, simplifying the search for up-to-date information with easy-to-find tags for quick access.

Google Scholar

What we like about Google Scholar

  • Large database: Google Scholar has an extensive collection of scholarly publications from various disciplines, providing users with access to a wide range of research resources.

  • Ease of use: Its intuitive interface and simple search functions simplify the process of finding relevant academic data, making it accessible even to those new to academic research.

  • Update: Google Scholar excels at providing the latest research data, allowing users to keep track of developments in their fields.

Why we picked IT

We chose Google Scholar because of its unparalleled ability to facilitate academic searches and encourage scholarly inquiry across disciplines. Its extensive database, user-friendly interface and timely updates make it an indispensable tool for researchers, students and teachers.

Who is Google Scholar Best for?

Google Scholar's extensive database and efficient searches enable researchers to locate and identify the literature. It helps students with literature reviews and assignment referrals, and teachers use it to enhance learning outcomes and the quality of education.

Reviews and Ratings

  • Common Sense: 4.8/5


  • Free Version available.

8. Scholarcy

Scholarcy is an AI-powered tool that acts like a personal research assistant, summarizing complex articles, reports, and even book chapters for you. Guidelines help you quickly understand the key points in a document and see how they relate to your business, saving you valuable time and effort. Whether a researcher, a student, or just curious about the latest developments, Scholarcy helps you quickly draw key conclusions and find relevant sources.


What we like about Scholarcy

  • Efficiency: By summarizing documents, Scholarly simplifies extracting relevant information, saving users valuable time. It's clear: Its guides provide a clear and concise summary, allowing users to grasp key concepts without consulting lengthy text.

  • Relevance: A guide helps users understand how the information in the document relates to their specific interests or business needs.

Why we picked IT

The Guide provides a valuable resource in the Information Technology (IT) field, where it is important to stay abreast of the latest research and developments. It enables IT professionals to quickly access key insights from technical data, reports and documents, facilitating informed decision-making and staying at the forefront of a rapidly evolving industry.

Who is Scholarcy Best for?

The Guide serves researchers, students, and practitioners by providing quick access to comprehensive literature, supporting academic learning, and basic insights about IT.

Reviews and Ratings

  • Producthunt: 4.5/5


  • Premium Plan Starts at $4.99/month.


Trinka is a commonly used AI tool for aspiring students and scholars because it helps correct grammar. Trinka offers over 3000 grammar tones, checks, and style improvements that can enhance the quality of your academic research writing. It aims to ensure holistic language is used to help express learning meaningfully. It also offers Spanish and German grammar tests to help users of those languages. Trinka will also provide detailed writing tips to inform the student about any mistakes that need to be corrected.


What we like about Trinka

  • Comprehensive grammar correction: Trinca provides over 3000 grammar voices, assessments and proofreading, ensuring thorough correction and enhancing academic writing

  • Holistic Language Development: This tool aims to facilitate expressive and meaningful language use and improve the quality of academic research writing.

  • Multilingual support: Besides English, Trinca offers grammar checks and support in Spanish and German, catering to a diverse user base.

  • Advanced writing tips: Trinka not only fixes mistakes but also provides advanced writing tips, enabling users to understand and learn from their mistakes.

Why we picked IT

Trinka is distinguished by his strong grammar correction abilities, especially honed in academic writing. Its extensive grammar checking and proofreading ensures that users can produce high-quality research papers. Additionally, support for multiple languages expands availability and usability.

Who is Trinka Best for?

Trinka is ideal for aspiring students and scholars engaged in academic writing. Whether you're a student striving for clarity and consistency in essays or a researcher aiming for precise literature, Trinka can greatly help improve both grammatical accuracy and your writing.

Reviews and Ratings

  • Producthunt: 4.5/5


  • Free

10. Elicit Org

Elicit acts as an advanced, reliable search engine, automating complex research tasks. Giants like Google and NASA are world-renowned, offering integrated, high-quality research papers, making it easier for researchers to collect and analyze data.


What we like about Elicit

  • Advanced Functionality: Elicit streamlines the search process by providing advanced search capabilities, allowing users to filter results based on specific criteria such as date of publication, author credentials, and the number of citations

  • Integration with High-Quality Sources: Elicit also integrates with Google Scholar and NASA databases and reputable repositories, ensuring access to a vast collection of high-quality research papers and datasets

Why we picked IT

Elicit stands out for its ability to simplify and speed up analysis. Its advanced research features and integration with renowned sources make it a valuable tool for scholars, scientists and professionals conducting in-depth research.

Who is Elicit Best for?

Elicit meets the needs of interdisciplinary researchers, providing access to extensive academic literature and intuitive data mining tools. Educational institutions benefit from its advanced search features, which improve scholarly research efforts and academic performance.

Reviews and Ratings

  • Producthunt: 5/5


  • Free

11. PDFgear

PDFgear Copilot is an AI-powered assistant that extracts and summarizes text from PDF documents. It uses OpenAI's ChatGPT language model to help users find important information in documents as they conduct research. It lets you chat with the document, ask questions about its content, and summarize an entire PDF.


What we like about PDFgear

  • Understand and interact with PDFs: PDF content is easily summarized and analyzed using intelligent natural language processing tools.

  • Get instant answers with ChatGPT: Use the built-in ChatGPT to quickly find key information and get answers to your questions directly from your PDF.

  • Make your PDF projects easy: Convert, print and save PDFs just by asking, thanks to powerful language processing. Availability in multiple languages: With support for over 100 languages, PDFgear Copilot is ready to serve users worldwide.

Why we picked IT

PDFgear was chosen for its reliability, performance and wide range of applications, including PDF conversion, transformation, merging and splitting.

Who is PDFgear Best for?

PDFgear Copilot is a great tool for Windows and Mac users who want a faster way to interact with PDF documents. Users can create summaries, extract them, and search them in a document, making research collection quick and easy.

Reviews and Ratings

  • Producthunt: 5/5


  • Free

12. Bit AI

Bit AI is an AI framework designed to help teams collaborate on documents, wikis, and knowledge bases. It goes beyond text and images, allowing users to create interactive documents, including video, cloud files and audio. It works like Google Drive and allows real-time collaboration on documents. Multiple users can work on documents simultaneously and chat with each other in the interface.


What we like about PDFgear

  • AI Assistant Writers: Bit AI has a built-in AI writing assistant called AI Genius. It helps you create documents, wikis, and other resources from plain text.

  • A versatile tool for applications: Whether you're an analyst, marketer, product manager, part of a start-up company, or working in HR, Bit AI has products that meet your needs, especially for document creation.

  • Real-time collaboration: Bit AI lets multiple users collaborate on documents, notes, wikis, and other resources simultaneously, making teamwork easier and more efficient.

  • Advanced Integration: Bit AI integrates seamlessly with YouTube, Google Sheets, Figma, GitHub, and many other popular tools, allowing you to integrate your work across platforms.

Why we picked IT

Bit.ai's comprehensive features, such as media integration, cloud storage platform, collaborative exchange, organized workspace, and smart document tools, make it a valuable platform for researchers to view, share, and collaborate on research.

Who is Bit AI Best for?

However, AI is a multi-faceted AI tool for analytics that meets the needs of teams. Because of its interoperability, those in research, small business, or educational users will benefit greatly from Bit AI. Using Bit AI, those users can easily create, manage, share and organize their multimedia documents.

Reviews and Ratings

  • Producthunt: 5/5


  • But AI offers a free plan with paid plans starting at $12 monthly.

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13. Research Rabbit

Research Rabbit is emerging as an important AI tool for filtering and organizing research papers. This volume's flexible layout allows for easy collaboration and sharing among researchers, fostering a more connected community of students.

Research Rabbit

What we like about Research Rabbit

  • Easy Search: Research Rabbit makes finding and saving academic papers easy. It recommends other appropriate books based on your interests and helps you determine what is important for your research.

  • Interactive visualization: The platform offers powerful tools like citation grids and timelines. These diagrams help you see how documents and authors relate, making the search easier.

  • Collaboration tools: You can share your document collection with others and collaborate on research projects. Users can support each other's work by leaving comments, making the collaboration run smoothly and efficiently.

  • Citation Management: Research Rabbit helps you manage your citations effortlessly. This allows you to generate citations from various sources and organize your references, simplifying the process of source citation in your work.

Why we picked IT

Research Rabbit was selected for its efficiency, accuracy, and time-saving capabilities, which are invaluable for researchers, students, and professionals.

Who is the Research Rabbit Best for?

Research Rabbit is ideal for graduate students, researchers, and other courses. It can map citation networks, identify author collaborations, and more, helping to identify connections that might otherwise be missed.

Reviews and Ratings

  • Academic Help: 4.5/5


  • Free Forever

14. ChatPDF

ChatPDF specializes in making PDF files accessible and meaningful, meeting the needs of researchers dealing with complex data. Its multilingual support provides global access, breaking language barriers in academic research.


What we like about ChatPDF

  • Accessibility Focus: ChatPDF's commitment to making PDF files accessible is commendable. This feature ensures that individuals with disabilities can also access and understand the information in these files and encourages research and academic inclusion.

  • Meaningful Information: Research is often associated with complex data, and ChatPDF's ability to make sense of this information enhances the research process by providing information clearly and logically, researchers gain valuable insights.

  • Multilingual support: Multilingual support provided by ChatPDF facilitates global access to on-demand content. Breaking down language barriers is especially important in education, where collaboration and knowledge sharing transcend geographical boundaries.

Why we picked IT

ChatPDF stands out in the IT industry because of its innovative approach to solving analysts' common problems. Its focus on accessibility and logical data representation aligns well with the increasing technological demands for assessment systems. Furthermore, its multilingual support is important in an increasingly global educational environment.

Who is ChatPDF Best for?

ChatPDF is ideal for researchers, professors, and students who need complex PDF files. It caters to individuals who value access and need tools to make their research products meaningful and inclusive. Furthermore, its multilingual support makes it suitable for international work or the study of disciplines.

Reviews and Ratings

  • Producthunt: 4.5/5


  • Free

Comparing the Best AI Tools For Research

Websites Starting Price Free Option User Reviews (avg)
1. AssignmentGPT AI $6.99 Monthly Yes 4.9/5
2. Quillbot $4.17/month Yes 5/5
3. Semantic Scholar $12/month Yes 5/5
4. Scite $20/month No 4.5/5
5. Mendeley $11.99/month Yes 2.5/5
6. Consensus $11.99/month Yes 4.9/5
7. Google Scholar Free Yes 4.8/5
8. Scholarcy $10/quarter Yes N/A
9. Trinka $10/month Yes 4.5/5
10. Elicit org $20/month Yes 5/5
11. PDFgear Free Yes 5/5
12. Bit AI $12/month Yes 5/5
13. Research Rabbit Free Yes 4.5/5
14. ChatPDF Free Yes 4.3/5


This AI tool for academic Research helps in diverse functionality related to enhancing your academic work, writing assistance and research productivity. These tools provide users with advanced facilities like literature review, data analysis. Academic Researchers can efficiently maintain their workflow, produce high - quality content, and work is done in a more streamlined way with proper research. Using these tools can ease the research process, making it more effective and accessible.Embrace the future of scholarly inquiry with these top 14 AI tools for researchers and stay ahead in the pursuit of know-how.


1. How do AI tools support teaching and learning?

AI tools facilitate responsibilities such as data analysis, file summarization, grammar analysis, and citation management, saving time and increasing accuracy in academic study.

2. Are those AI tools suitable for college students?

Yes, these AI tools handle students on multiple levels, assisting with assignments, essays, literature reviews, etc., and enabling the preparation of better coursework.

3. Can these AI tools be used for specific topics?

3. Can these AI tools be used for specific topics? Exactly. Many of these AI tools are designed to be versatile, allowing researchers and students from many different disciplines to ensure they can meet the needs of many other clients.

4. Are there any untied paths between these AI tools?

4. Are there any untied paths between these AI tools? Many of the listed AI tools offer unpackaged versions or basic programs with limited features, allowing users to realize their capabilities before choosing a higher-end program.

5. How can I start using those AI tools for learning?

Visit the websites with the mentioned AI tools, log in for an account, and explore their functions. Many of them offer courses and personal books to help you get started with your research project.

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