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Website Designs for Schools: 10 Best Examples

April 11, 2024
Bhargav Dhameliya
Bhargav Dhameliya
Website Designs for Schools: 10 Best Examples


  1. Quick Summary
  2. What are the best school websites?
  3. Top 10 School Websites designs
  4. Conclusion
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School websites can be overwhelming because they often contain too much information. Additionally, it can be difficult to identify your target audience on your school website, as visitors with different search motives will come to your website. From parents to prospective students to teachers to currently enrolled students, school websites with users should share a variety of reasons for visiting.

Quick Summary

School websites play an important role in networking and recruitment. Top examples include Sci High with Morweb’s features, TBCSC with easy navigation and donation integration, and Times 2 STEM’s mobile-friendly design. Platforms like WordPress and Squarespace are popular, offering user-friendliness and visibility. Safety and regular updates are important considerations for schools.

What are the best school websites?

The school website has two important functions. The first is an online database for current students, parents and teachers. The second is to work with the best of the school to encourage prospective students and parents to enroll.

The best school websites instill a sense of pride in their community as they communicate curriculum, lists of activities and teaching methods to their visitors. Of course, designing a school website takes time and effort—but it’s worth it.

Top 10 School Websites designs

Explore the top school websites for a comprehensive view of education excellence. From informative portals offering curriculum insights to interactive platforms fostering student engagement, these sites provide invaluable resources for parents, students, and educators alike. Discover academic prowess and innovative learning environments at your fingertips.

Top School Websites

1. New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School

Established in 1993, The New Orleans Charter Science and Math High School or “Sci High” is an open public charter school that prepares all students for college entry and successful careers as the name implies specializing in science, mathematics and engineering. Grants are a priority for this school in addition to state/local funding for their students.

How They Built This School Website

Sci High recently updated its website with Morweb.org. Their website is built on the MorWeb platform with a custom school website theme.

The school uses MorWeb’s robust website features including event management, on-site donation page, blog engine and rotating image sliders.

Morweb’s user-friendly content management system (CMS) enables organizations like Sci High to constantly update their website with drag-and-drop editing tools. Schools can easily add new features and make changes to the front end design of their website without any coding skills.

2. Bronx Charter School for Children

The Bronx Charter School for Children (TBCSC) is a charter school in the South Bronx whose mission is to empower children to maximize their potential as students and as members of their community.

How They Built This School Website

TBCSC partnered with Morweb to develop their website on a platform that helps nonprofits manage all aspects of their online operations, from website design to donations to events.

The website was customized with one of Morweb's premium website themes. They have a built-in ‘donate’ button in the navigation menu for their chosen title making it easy for supporters to find.

Morweb’s drag-and-drop editing makes it easy to update the site and gives TBCSC staff full control of their website content. New pages can also be created and added to the navigation menu, without having to interact with the developer.

Adding new events is as easy as creating a blog post. Using Morweb’s event page template, schools can easily create events by entering themes, dates, descriptions, ticket prices and images. All events are held on the date on the events page and several appear on the homepage for quick registration.

3. Times 2 STEM Academy

Times 2 STEM Academy is a charter school in Rhode Island serving grades kindergarten through twelve. The school focuses on STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and math).

How They Built This School Website

Times 2 STEM Academy’s website was custom designed for schools with a premium web theme and built on the Morweb platform. With the school having such an active online presence, MorWeb is a great fit. This allows them to update and add new features to the front of the website so they can see their changes in real time. All content created within Morweb is mobile optimized automatically.

News and events pages are generated through Morweb’s blog engine so that even non-technical people can update content Morweb’s page previews allow you to see your content before it is published. Explore all the features of our school CMS to see how our platform can simplify your school website.

4. Round Rock Independent School District

The Round Rock Independent School District is located in Round Rock, Texas. The district’s mission is to prepare students to contribute to society, continue to learn, and confidently meet the challenges of a competitive and ever-changing world.

How They Built This School Website

Round Rock uses WordPress to develop and power its website. WordPress is known as the best blogging platform for school news departments.

WordPress is an open source CMS platform which means its code is freely available online. Because it’s open source, thousands of web designers and developers can contribute their own web page layouts or third-party plugins. The main advantage is the number of options available for web design and features. The drawback, however, is that maintenance is easy and some poorly written plugins related to others can make your site vulnerable to security threats.

5. Park University

Park University is a private non-profit university, located in Parkville, Missouri. The university offers undergraduate and graduate courses with a number of programs offered online.

How They Built This School Website

Park University redesigned its website on WordPress with the help of a web design agency. The website’s theme was custom developed for the university so it seamlessly matches its branding. While WordPress makes it easy for school administrators to update content, making design changes will still require help from a web developer. George Washington Academy is a public charter school for kindergarten through seventh grade located in St. Louis. George, Utah. The aim of the academy is to communicate effectively, build strong character and social responsibility, and practice high-level thinking.

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6. George Washington Academy

George Washington Academy is a public charter school for kindergarten through seventh grade located in St. Louis. George, Utah. The aim of the academy is to communicate effectively, build strong character and social responsibility, and practice high-level thinking.

How They Built This School Website

George Washington Academy built its website on the MorWeb platform. MorWeb’s unique school functionality made the platform an easy choice for web developers. The academy modified one of MorWeb's education themes and implemented powerful features such as a blog, events pages, written work and a web portal to the website

With the Morweb forum’s drag-and-drop editor, it’s easy for faculty and administrators to maintain it themselves to keep the site up-to-date.

7. Ross School

Ross School is a private boarding school located in East Hampton, New York. The school's curriculum is based on the history and intellectual development of world cultures based on the work of its two founders; mathematician Ralph Abraham and cultural historian William Irwin Thompson.

How They Built This School Website

The Ross School used Squarespace for its website. Squarespace is known for its sophisticated and highly visual web design.

The CMS forum editor is ideal for non-technical users because it allows users to edit and add content through a drag-and-drop interface. While Squarespace’s editor isn’t as easy to use as Morweb or Weebly, CMS platforms like Drupal don’t require advanced coding knowledge.

One of the drawbacks of using Squarespace for nonprofit websites is the lack of on-site donation and activity registration. Ross School uses an embedded donation form that provides a much better user experience than externally linked pages, however, the embedded forms lack options to customize the system the rest of the website has aligned

8. Bow Valley College

Bow Valley College is a post-secondary institution located in Calgary, Alberta. The college offers academic enrichment programs, English language instruction, continuing education and post-diploma.

How They Built This School Website

Bow Valley College built their website using Sitecore. Sitecore is a powerful CMS that is great for large websites but not very flexible for the general public. The background can be quite confusing for a non-developer so if you choose to go with this platform you will need someone on staff to help maintain the site. Sitecore has great website designs but if you are inexperienced in coding, it has few simple designs.

9. Putney High School

Putney High School is an all-girls school in London, UK. The secondary school is part of the Girls’ Day Schools Trust, which is part of a network of 25 independent 25 schools and academies. The school’s mission is to build confidence, creative thinkers and provide an education that is truly about their future.

How They Built This School Website

Putney High School used WordPress to create their website. WordPress’s blog engine is user-friendly to post new content regularly so the school can update its site’s homepage. The theme looks like a custom design to match the high school's logo. The main drawback of a custom WordPress theme is that it is difficult to make changes to the design without the help of the developer.

10. Hope Academy

Hope Academy is a private special education school in Connecticut for students in grades one through twelve. The school also offers transition services for students ages 18 to 21 to help prepare them for post-secondary education, career opportunities and independent living

How They Built This School Website

Hope Academy’s website was designed and maintained by MorWeb. Morweb’s website builder is a great option for low-tech schools because it’s easy to modify and update features on your website.

Using Morweb’s live site editor, Hope Academy staff can add new features and visualize how their website will look, essentially removing the templates from website design.


Designing a school website that efficiently communicates with various stakeholders-tudents, parents, instructors, and prospective enrollees-is vital for fostering a experience of community and showcasing your organization's strengths. From person-friendly content management systems to visually attractive topics, the examples highlighted right here show the diversity of methods schools can take to create engaging on line structures. Whether you choose platforms like Morweb, WordPress, Squarespace, or Sitecore, prioritizing ease of use, customization, and functionality is prime to crafting a a hit faculty website.


1. Why is it essential for colleges to have a well-designed internet site?

A nicely-designed website serves as a virtual the front door on your college, supplying critical statistics to numerous stakeholders and shaping their notion of your organization. It's a powerful tool for verbal exchange, recruitment, and community engagement.

2. What capabilities must a college internet site include?

A school website ought to include important facts along with educational packages, extracurricular activities, faculty profiles, admission criteria, contact information, and news/events updates. It must additionally be cell-pleasant, visually attractive, and smooth to navigate.

3. How can colleges make certain their website remains updated?

Utilizing content control systems (CMS) like WordPress, Morweb, or Squarespace makes it less difficult for faculties to update their internet site content regularly with out requiring superior technical competencies. Additionally, assigning duty for website upkeep to targeted personnel individuals can help ensure timely updates.

4. What function does web site design play in attracting potential college students?

Website design plays a sizable role in growing a high quality first impact on potential students and their families. A visually attractive, user-friendly internet site that highlights the school's specific services and values can entice prospective students and encourage them to discover similarly or take into account enrolment.

5. Are there any protection issues faculties need to hold in mind while designing their internet site?

Security is paramount whilst designing a school website, especially considering the sensitive records it could include. Schools have to make certain that their selected CMS and plugins are frequently up to date to deal with safety vulnerabilities, and put in force measures such as SSL encryption and sturdy password guidelines to shield user information. Regular protection audits and backups are also advocated to mitigate ability risks.

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